Young People Urged To Maintain A Positive Outlook On Life

The head of the United Methodist Church in Liberia Reverend Dr. John G. Innis wants the church and the state to rise up to the challenge of working to mold the minds and attitudes of youth to enable them to acquire and maintain a positive outlook on life.

In his Pastoral Season’s Greetings to the nation, Bishop Innis pointed out that this is a moral obligation from the Bible for parents, guardians and all those responsible for the up-bringing, supervision and the exercise of authority over young people to do so in ways that will help them become humble, respectful, trustworthy, law-abiding citizens and to exhibit all the positive characters that are required for service to nation and church.

The United Methodist Bishop challenged the church in particular, to work more assiduously with the young people in the local churches and communities, as well as in partnership with government and other groups to guide the young people of Liberia in becoming respectable citizens and leaders of tomorrow.

He however, urged the young people to be humble and submit themselves to the process of becoming the kind of children God wants them to be in Liberia and the world at large.

Meanwhile, Bishop Innis is appealing to Liberians to use this Christmas to love, protect and lead the nation in the spirit of peace, forgiveness, reconciliation and unity. Alluding to the words of Liberia’s National Anthem, Bishop Innis called on Liberians to first admit the wrongs they have committed to one another in order for true reconciliation to take effect.

Bishop Innis in conclusion congratulated Liberians as well as foreigners and the international community for guiding the peace process and helping us in going through a peaceful and successful election in Liberia. He also prayed that the New Year will be filled with renewed vigor and opportunities for the realization of the many dreams and aspirations of Liberians.

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