Victor Doolakeh Taryor departs UMC Liberia Ganta Hospital

Victor Taryor Administrator of Ganta UM Hospital

Victor Taryor Administrator of Ganta UM Hospital

Victor Doolakeh Taryor has left the Ganta United Methodist Hospital in Ganta City, Nimba County, northern Liberia as Administrator after eight years of service. At a program attended by UMC Ganta Hospital staff and other United Methodists, the outgoing administrator said his time at the hospital was rewarding and fulfills his dream and passion as a community service provider. “Community service has always been my passion,” Taryor said.

Taryor who was commissioned Missionary by the UMC General Board of Global Ministries in 2008 as part of the agency’s Global Health Missionary Program, started as student and transitioned through several positions including shift supervisor and director of nursing services.  According to Taryor, his eight years were spent building the capacity of the people who work with the UMC Ganta hospital. “You can have all the infrastructures and technologies, if you don’t have the people to work with them, you have nothing,” he added. On the question of where he was heading, Taryor said, “I am a staunch United Methodist and will provide consultant service to the church once my service is needed.” The UMC Ganta hospital administrator presided over several health intervention projects at the hospital including the fistula and Ebola outbreaks which is now ebbing in Liberia.

When asked where he was leaving the hospital in terms of the Ebola crisis, Victor Taryor affirmed, “UMC Ganta hospital is well prepared to respond to any Ebola outbreak more than we were when the Ebola virus first hit Liberia,” Taryor who is also co-chairperson of the Nimba County Ebola Task Force indicated that UMC Ganta Hospital was and is still instrumental in the fight against Ebola.

During the sending off service at Miller McAllister UMC in Ganta City, Nimba County

Interim Administrator, Nora Keah (left) and out-going Administrator, Victor Taryor

Interim Administrator, Nora Keah (left) and out-going Administrator, Victor Taryor

northern Liberia, Rev. Dr. James Z. Labala described Victor Taryor as a faithful servant of the church. “Your faithfulness in doing small jobs will lead to greater responsibilities,” Dr. Labala added. He also said the works around the UMC Ganta hospital will speak volumes of who the outgoing administrator is as a person. “We are hopeful that God will find a good replacement like Brother Taryor at the hospital,” he concluded. Others church leaders including the Administrative Assistant to the office of Bishop John Innis, Rev. Samuel Quire described him as a level headed person who was deeply concerned about establishing good working relationship between the UMC Ganta hospital and the Ministry of Health; government’s agency responsible for health matters in the country. “Victor was hard working person,” Rev. Quire added.

Meanwhile, Nora Keah is now serving as Interim Administrator of the hospital until UMC Liberia can recruit an administrator through the proper means. She also described Victor Taryor as a hard working person. “Life is not without challenges and one of my major challenges in the first few hours of work was that we did not have a vehicle to move a patient,” she stressed. She indicated that there are several administrative challenges that she did not want to discuss with less than 72 hours at the job.

Victor Taryor joined the UMC Ganta hospital as a student in 1986 and moved up the ladder until he arrived at the position of administrator in 2008. His 29 years of service has to the United Methodist Church has been fulfilling for the people of Ganta City and Nimba County in general.

by E. Julu Swen for the LAC

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