UMC Liberia Holds Prayer Revival for Leadership Transition

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Banner Announcing the Prayer Revival


First UMC Monrovia, the host of the Prayer Revival

In response to the Pastoral Letter issued in September 2016 by the Interim Bishop  Arthur F. Kulah, the Liberia Annual Conference has launched series of prayer revivals intended to return UMC Liberia to its Wesleyan roots. According to the Director of Evangelism, Rev. Matthew Williams, the revival is intended for the entire church to seek the face of God in these challenging days in its existence in Liberia. “Some aspect of our spiritual life as a church is missing,” Williams said. He indicated that the called by Interim Bishop Kulah to prayerfully bring the United Methodist Church of Liberia before God suggest that certain things were not going right in the church.

The UMC Liberia clergyman pointed out that though prayer revivals are conducted by individual local churches, this call to prayer is the first by the UMC Liberia since the prayer revival that was held in 2003 at the national soccer stadium. Asked why the UMC Liberia decided to take such a prayer action, Rev Williams said prayer is needed as the church deals with it transitional situation, especially the one on leadership. He said the church needs to pray for renewal and the restoration to its evangelistic roots in the Liberian society, adding “we have lost our integrity in recent times and people are now questioning our moral stance on some issues as a church.” He noted that prayers for leadership is crucial in the United Methodist Church in Liberia and the prayer revival will seeks to address that.

Commenting on the prayer revival, Interim Bishop Kulah said prayer has been the best way that he has used to deal with challenges in the church. “When I took over the church as bishop, we were in the same situation and the only way was to take our difficult situation to God in prayer,” Bishop Kulah said. The UMC Liberia Episcopal head further said uniting the people of the United Methodist Church is part of his pastoral duty, adding “that is the reason why the United Methodist Church through the Council of Bishops keeps sending me to trouble spots.” “Though challenging, calming the storm is a rewarding experience for me in my pastoral ministry,” Bishop Kulah concluded.

Held under the theme, “Prayer for Renewal of the United Methodist Church” with the text taken from Isaiah 43:18-19, the prayer revival which was held at the First United Methodist Church in Monrovia, is the first in the series of three regional revivals that the UMC Liberia as the move through the transitional period.

It can be recalled that in his Pastoral Letter, Interim Bishop Kulah called on UMC Liberia members to pray fervently for a smooth transition. In the letter, the Interim Bishop further declared November 2016 as the Month of Reconciliation and Sunday, November 27 as Reconciliation Sunday with program befitting the day.  According to the letter, he strongly encourage pulpit exchange among pastors across the Conference.  “All District Superintendents, pastors, church leaders and members of local churches are therefore called upon to faithfully observe this period,” the letter stated. The Pastoral Letter pointed out that The worship service in November 2016 needs to focus on Reconciliation, Peace and Unity and the  pulpit messages need to focus on the basic themes of the pastoral letter such as Come Let us Reason Together; First Be Reconciled; Forgetting the Past; Embracing Peace In The Valley and Mountain Top.

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