Report of the Annual Conference Secretariat


Rev. Dr. Samuel J. Quire, Jr., Bishop, Liberia Area, Retired Bishop Arthur F. Kulah, Bishop in Residence, and the conference.

We greet you and the conference in the name of our blessed Lord and Savior Jesus Christ at this 185th Annual Session.

Our registration exercise began at our Central Office on February 19, 2018 daily from 11:00 – 4:00. This early registration exercise ended March 7, 2018. We resumed the registration exercise at J.S. Pratt High School Campus on March 12, 2018 and ended same March 16, 2018 at 2 P.M.

We are very grateful for all the attention accorded us at this conference.

Below is the outcome of our registration exercise completed by the Secretariat Team Members.

Total number of Districts 20
Total number of Circuit 1
Total number of Districts Superintendents 20
Total number of Districts Lay-Leaders 14
Total number of Circuit Superintendents 1
Total number of Ministerial Members 354
Total number of Lay Members 213
Total number of clergy members beyond
the local church (Extension Ministries) 9
Total number of Conference Officials 46
Total number of Conference Staff 20
Total number of Foreign Episcopal Guests 2
Total number of Local Episcopal Guests 11
Total number of Missionaries 4
Total number of Observers 130
Total number of Registered Members 811

Members present at Annual Conference from each District

1. Monrovia District
a)    Ministerial Members 59
b)    Lay Members 41
c)     Observers 28
Subtotal 128
2. Grand Bassa District
a)    Ministerial Members 11
b)    Lay Members 6
c)     Observers 1
Subtotal 18
3. Cape Palmas District
a)     Ministerial Members 27
b)     Lay Members 20
c)      Observers 21
Subtotal 52
4. St. Paul River District
a)    Ministerial Members 32
b)    Lay Members 21
c)     Observers 7
Subtotal 60
5. Sinoe District
a)    Ministerial Members 14
b)    Lay Members 5
c)   Observers 3
Subtotal 22
6. Kru Coast District
a)    Ministerial Members 20
b)    Lay Members 13
c)    Observers 38
Subtotal 71
7. Nana Kru District
a)    Ministerial Members 9
b)    Lay Members 2
c)    Observers 2
Subtotal 13
8. Gbarnga District
a)    Ministerial Members 43
b)    Lay Members 22
c)    Observers 14
Subtotal 79
9. Gompa District
a)    Ministerial Members 37
b)    Lay Members 34
c)    Observers 3
Subtotal 74
10. St. John River District
a)    Ministerial Members 11
b)    Lay Members 11
c)    Observers      nil
Subtotal 22
11. Garraway District
a)    Ministerial Members 22
b)    Lay Members 10
c)     Observers 4
Subtotal 36
12. Kakata/Farmington River  District
a)    Ministerial Members 26
b)    Lay Members 20
c)     Observers 4
Subtotal 50
13. Rivercess District
a)    Ministerial Members    nil
b)    Lay Members    nil
c)     Observers    nil
Subtotal    nil
14. Grand  Gedeh District
a)    Ministerial Members 16
b)    Lay Members 7
c)     Observers 4
Subtotal 27
15. Kokoyah District
a)    Ministerial Members 14
b)    Lay Members 3
c)     Observers     nil
Subtotal 17
16. Weala District
a)    Ministerial Members 18
b)    Lay Members 9
c)     Observers   nil
Subtotal 27
17. Morweh District
a)    Ministerial Members 3
b)    Lay Members 2
c)     Observers    nil
Subtotal 5
18. Lofa River District
a)    Ministerial Members 1
d)    Lay Members 2
e)    Observers   nil
Subtotal 3
19. Tappita District
a)    Ministerial Members 7
b)    Lay Members   nil
c)     Observers 1
Subtotal 8
20. Jorquelleh District
a)    Ministerial Members 19
b)    Lay Members
c)     Observers
21. Barrobo Circuit
a)    Ministerial Members 9
b)    Lay Members 6
c)     Observers 10
Subtotal 25




The entire secretariat team members wholeheartedly give God the glory for the blessings we continue to experience individually.

Respectfully Submitted

Ruth B. Doe


Secretariat Team Members

Rev. Dr. James Z. Labala

Bro. E. Ekema A. Witherspoon

Bro. Samuel K. Sagbeh

Sis. Eva Y. Wah

Rev. Dr. Julius Y.Z.K. Williams

Bro. Anthony Cooper

Bro. Sam T.I. Grimes

Sis. Rosetta T. Wilson

Bro. Olu O. Potter

Bro. D. Benedict Freeman

Bro. Victor Mah

Bro. Daniel G. Jackson

Bro. James P. Davis

Sis. Bessie Jaffa

Bro. Elijah Dajue

Sis. Beatrice Barclay

Monrovia District Pastoral Enrichment and Family Life Retreat


The Monrovia District Conference of the Liberia Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church (MDC/LAC/UMC) hosts a five-day Ministerial Enrichment and Family Life Retreat for its pastors and their spouses.

The program commences on Tuesday,  April  3, 2018 and ends on Saturday, April 7, 2018.

The enrichment program is aimed at strengthening the ministries of pastors and their families. It is our hope that at the end of this program renewal will take place. Ministries and families will experience revival.

THEME OF THE PROGRAM: “Strengthening the Pastors and their Ministries in the Local Churches”

TEXT  OF THE PROGRAM: Ephesians 4: 11-13


KEYNOTE ADDRESS: Rev. Dr.  Samuel J. Quire, Jr. Resident Bishop, LAC/UMC

POLICY DIRECTIONS OF  THE ORDAINED MINISTRIE: Rev. George D. Wilson, Jr. Director, Connectional Table LAC/UMC

MAKING WORSHIP RELEVANT: Rev. Joseph Garkpee,Director, Christian Education LAC/UMC

SERMON PREPARATION & STYLES OF PREACHING: Dr. George K. Weagba, Vice President for Research United Methodist University & Rev. Momoh S. Kpaan, Dean, Liberal Arts United Methodist University

PASTORAL COUNSELING: Rev. Dr. Anthony G. Dioh, Elder, LAC/UMC

PROPOSAL WRITING: Rev. Dr. Jerry P. Kulah, Dean, GST/UMU


PREACHING  PRACTICUM: Rev. Dr. Matthew A. Jaiah, Senior Shepherding Pastor S.T. Nagbe UMC; Rev. Decontee A. Johnson (Associate Pastor, FUMC) & Rev. Alex   Kanwie   (Associate Pastor, Trinity)

BIBLE STUDY METHODS: Pastor Augustine T. Dorbor, Chairperson, Committee on Congregational Development MDC/LAC/UMC

CONGREGATIONAL DEVELOPMENT: Rev. Dr. Julius YZK Williams, I, Pastor, FUMC-Monrovia

LEADERSHIP: Pastor Allen Paye, Pastor, John Warner UMC

UMC STRUCTURE: Rev. Dr. J. Sarwolo Nelson, Jr., Pastor, Refuge UMC

EVANGELISM & DISCIPLESHIP: Rev. Matthew B. Williams, Director, DEM/LAC/UMC

STEWARDHSIP: Rev. Dr. Sampson Nyanti, Director, General Education


YOUNG PEOPLE MINISTRY: Dr. Muriel Nelson, Dean, AME University

FOCUS GROUP:  LET’S HEAR FROM PASTORS’ WIVES: Coordinated by Pastor Rose Farhat , Dr. Muriel Nelson & Mth. Richlain Quire

PREACHING PRACTICUM: Rev. Richard Wreh, Associate Pastor, A.P. Camphor; Rev. Robertha Nyankan, Associate Pastor, Tubman UMC; Rev. Patrick Luogon, Pastor, Abraham Wheh UMC



ISSUES OF PASTORS: “UNAUTHORIZED CONDUCT OF ELDERS”: Rev. Dr.  Jerry P. Kulah, Rev. Dr. James Z. Labala & Rev. Dr. J.Sarwolo Nelson, Jr.

PASTORAL VISITATION: Rev. Robertha Nyankan & Rev. Mary Quarshie

Updates and Next Steps from the Strategic Planning Committee

Updates and Next Steps

Strategic Planning of the Liberia Annual Conference, The United Methodist Church, at the 185th Annual Session held with the southeastern Districts/Circuit

March 16, 2018

Whereas, having taken over the helm of affairs of the UMC, Bishop Quire committed himself to work along with the leadership of the Liberia Annual Conference to mobilize local resources and ensure a high degree of self-reliance of the Liberia Annual Conference in the conduct of its ministries to the people of Liberia and the world at large.

Whereas, to achieve this dream, Bishop Quire proposed the need for a full assessment of the Liberia Annual Conference from a holistic perspective to prioritize our ministries and strategically engage them for the continued growth and development of the Church. Against this back ground, he proposed the setting up of a “Strategic Plan Committee” (SPC) of the Liberia Annual Conference of the UMC. Prior to the hosting of his first Annual Conference in Ganta, Nimba County, he named a team to lead the process, with the Conference Lay Leader appointed as Chair of the team. The team was immediately put to work.

Whereas, as United Methodists, we are cognizant of the truth of Scripture that it is critical not only to believe in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, but to live out our faith through personal obedience to Christ, and service to the church and society. To bear faithful Christian witness to Jesus Christ, we believe we must reflect critically on our biblical and theological inheritance, striving to express faithfully the witness we make in our own time.

Whereas, March 15, 2018 a comprehensive report in the form of PowerPoint presentation was presented here at the 185th Session of the LAC/UMC.

Now wherefore and in view of the forgoing the Strategic Planning Team recommends the following for the consideration of the LAC/UMC to wit:

  1. That the 10 year plan be endorsed and implementation of the first quadrennium implementation begins.
  2. That the Strategic planning team work with each district, circuit, clergy members and lay members and program areas to disseminate and carry on workshops and awareness on the implementation of the plan.
  3. That we work with program areas to complete their action and operational plans for those who have not completed this exercise as we acknowledge those who have done so.
  4. That the LAC/UMC through the CCF&A apportion budget to support count 1&2 and make allocation for the printing of 1000 copies of the final plan.
  5. That each district, circuit and program area tailor their plans for the first year 2018 in line with the priority areas of the Strategic Plan.
  6. That Liberia Annual Conference set a monitoring and evaluation framework to monitor the implementation of the Plan from the annual conference, district and local levels.

Respectfully submitted

The Strategic Planning Committee

A downloadable copy is here.

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Bishop Samuel J. Quire, Jr. calls for a United Church


The Resident Bishop of the Liberia Area, Rev. Dr. Samuel J. Quire, Jr. is calling on all United Methodists to unite and move the church forward in making disciples, adding, “it is incumbent upon all of us to unify and implement our respective tasks with duty and commitment.” Delivering his Episcopal Address to the 185th Annual Session of the Liberia Annual Conference meeting in Harper City, Maryland County, Bishop Quire reiterated his pledge to serve the church as a pastoral leader.

Bishop Quire indicated that he does not have vested interest in any one individual and as such he will not influence the election of leaders in the various auxiliaries of the church. “I am the bishop of the church and it is my duty to ensure that every United Methodist gets their just service from my leadership,” Bishop Quire stressed. He further indicated that as a unified institution, the United Methodist Church must seek to continue in the mission that will support every member of this Conference and the people of Liberia.

Bishop Quire warned that he does not want to lead a divided church, adding, “the episcopal election ended long ago, so let the bickering stop.” He told the gathered United Methodists that building God’s Kingdom will requires the full and active participation all, united in one accord, and with one purpose.

In his ten-page Episcopal Address, Bishop Quire reminded United Methodists to support the work of their pastors, stressing, “I do not want for your pastors to beg for bread.” He said he made the appeal at the 184th Annual Session that pastors should not beg for bread, but it remains largely the case for United Methodist pastors. He repeated his call for local churches and districts to drive his agriculture policy which will enhance their financial position to provide better living conditions for their pastors. “I want to see farms throughout Liberia that will be owned by United Methodist Churches,” he emphasized.

Bishop Quire thanked the General Board of Global Ministries (GBGM) for substantially supporting the health initiatives of the United Methodist Church in Liberia. With a grant of $1,054,192 United States dollars, the GBGM funded several health initiatives including Imagine No Malaria and the renovation of the Nursing School of the United Methodist University of Liberia. He also thanked the World Diabetes Foundation for its support to the health programs of the United Methodist Church in Liberia.

The 185th Annual Session of the Liberia Annual Conference now convening with the Cape Palmas District is Bishop Quire’s 2nd Annual Conference since he took over the episcopal leadership of the United Methodist Church in Liberia. Cape Palmas District is also Bishop Samuel J. Quire’s home district.

Photos and reporting by E. Julu Swen

Bishop Quire Presides Over 2nd Conference in Home County

Hundreds of United Methodists in Liberia are trooping to Harper City, Maryland County, for the 185th Annual Session of the Liberia Annual Conference. The conference which will be Bishop Samuel J. Quire, Jr. second conference will be taking place in the southeastern part of Liberia, the home county of Bishop Quire.

Bishop Samuel J. Quire, Jr presiding over his first conference in Ganta City, Nimba County, Liberia.Hosted under the theme, “A Future With Hope” at the Mount Scott United Methodist Church from March 12-18, 2018, the conference is expected to bring together 1000 members from all over the country.

United Methodist Women in Liberia distribute $54,000 worth of wheelchairs

The United Methodist Women in Liberia on November 24, 2017 distributed more Personal Energy Transportation to the “Physically Challenged” in Ganta City and other parts of Nimba County in northern Liberia. The women in partnership with Personal Energy Transportation Inc launched the distribution activities on October 6, 2017 and has since been giving out the wheelchairs to needed individuals. According to Pastor Rose Farhat, the distribution of the wheelchairs in Liberia is the UMW’s way of addressing the needs of their sisters and brothers who are “physically challenged”. “We want you to get to the places you desire to go unhindered,” she affirmed.

Receiving the wheelchair from the women, Abel Gbeadquoi said he was now empowered to carry on his advocacy for the physically challenged in Nimba County. Gbeadquoi, now a junior student at the Nimba Community College, said he is not in school now because he lacks a wheelchair, adding, “I will return to school as of January 2018 with this new wheelchair.” He pointed out that the distances that he could not cover or for which he depended on motorbike taxi, will now be covered easily. “I am thankful to the United Methodist Women and the people who thought about us to send these wheelchairs,” as he beamed with a smile.

Earlier in Gbarnga City, Bong County, Pastor Farhat said the prayers of the “physically challenged”, especially those with mobility problems have been answered, adding, “you all prayed for wheelchairs and someone in the United States of America heard your prayers.” She cautioned recipients that the wheelchairs were for their movement and not to be sold or exchanged for anything. The clergywoman noted that the project was mainly targeting women who had mobility problems, but would consider men with similar conditions. “We want you to be able to go to the market and move around without waiting for someone to move you,” she emphasized.

Jartu Morris, a female recipient said the mobility cart would help her cover more distances, adding, “no more spending money on a motorbike taxi for transportation.” Another recipient, Eric Gboluma pointed out that the wheelchairs will reduce the use of his palms which he uses to ride his regular wheelchair. Though I will use my hands, the use of physical strength will be reduced, and my health will improve because I will not touch the tires, Gboluma added. Thanking the United Methodist Women in Liberia and partners, Gboluman said disability was not inability, adding, “you have given us the tool to prove ourselves to our neighbors that we can go places and do things for ourselves.”

The wheelchair distribution is one of many ways the United Methodist Women in Liberia are responding to the needs of the “physically challenged.” In partnership with the Mobility Worldwide, about 180 wheelchairs worth $54,000 were sent to Liberia for the women to distribute. In a letter sent to the United Methodist Women in Liberia, Von Diggs, Director of Operations of Personal Energy Transportation Inc, said the wheelchairs were sent to Liberia with the understanding that they would not be given to the disable at any cost. “The Government of Liberia promised to verify that the wheelchairs will be considered as humanitarian cargo and will be distributed as such,” the letter noted.

UMC Gbarnga Mission Station Growing Rice to Fight Food Insecurity

In their quest to help Bishop Samuel J. Quire, Jr., take the church ‘back to the soil’, the Gbarnga Mission Station is growing swamp rice that will enable the station to supply most of the farmers with seed rice in the Gbarnga area. “Our initial plan is to engage in seed rice multiplication as a way of combating food insecurity which is threatening this part of Liberia,” Rev. Dr. James Labala said.

Labala, the Mission Station Director indicated that since the pronouncement by the Liberian bishop, he and his staff have been testing a variety of seed rice to know which one would be good to serve the people. He said a variety of rice has been identified that will take three to four months and be ready for harvesting and eating, adding, “as conference secretary I will do all within my power to support the quest of the bishop in returning this church to the soil.” The mission station has already harvested some of their sample seed rice for onward multiplication.

Occupying about six acres of swamp land, the mission station is expected to grow rice three times a year that will possibly feed the people of the mission station. Labala said the swamp rice project is an initiative of the mission station. “If we can get help from our overseas partners the swamp rice seed multiplication will be an ideal way for the United Methodist Church in Liberia to contribute to the fight against food insecurity,” he asserted. Labala’s statement confirmed the words of one of the contractors of the project who said support is needed for productivity.

For his part, Gontorwon Neahn said working on the rice farm will be very easy once the mission station can fully pay for the services of the contractors. “We can grow more rice from the three months variety of rice if we are compensated well and given the right tools to work,” Neahn said. He pointed out that workers of the project can survive on at least $10 United States dollars feeding money per day, adding, “the only problem we are having now is food to sustain us during working hours.”

At the February 2017 conference Bishop Samuel J. Quire, Jr indicated that agriculture was going to be the key factor that would facilitate sustainability in the church. “I’d like to see a church that is vibrant, spiritually awake, evangelistically functional and self-sustaining, especially in the area of agriculture,” Bishop Quire said in June 2017. The Gbarnga Mission Station is positively responding to the call that Bishop Quire made in Ganta City, Nimba County northern Liberia where he presided over his first annual conference session.

On August 25, 2017, United Methodist Rural Agricultural Development Project (UMRADP), the official agriculture ministry of the church in Liberia launched over $100,000 agriculture project to include rice farming. “I want for every district and local church to own a farm before I retire from my episcopal leadership,” Bishop Quire said during the launch. Though the Gbarnga Mission Station is not funded by UMRADP or any partner, its action is in the right direction, observed one church official.


E. Julu Swen

Ganta Hospital Loses Dr. Mathew in Tragic Fire

The Ganta United Methodist Hospital Family expresses our deepest condolence to the Mathew family, the Christian Dental College of Ludhiana, India and our partner community at large for the sudden death of our beloved son, brother and colleague, Dr. Shane Sam Mathew.

During the night of September 3, 2017 a fire occurred at his residence on Ganta United Methodist Mission Station. Regrettably, upon the arrival of the hospital and mission station family the entire building had been engulfed with uncontrollable flames of fire with no way for anyone to enter. Sadly, every effort applied to rescue him was to no avail.

The late Dr. Mathew was sent to us through our partnership with Christian Dental College in Ludhiana, India.  Dr. Matthew worked with us serving as our dentist and the only dentist for the entire region of northeastern Liberia.  He also served as Instructor for the only nurse dental practitioner program in the country.  As a young man with Christian heart for the profession he chose, he showed compassion for his patients and worked diligently.  His tragic departure from us is traumatic to the entire staff of Ganta Mission Station and the United Methodist Church of Liberia.

Dr. Mathew was a quiet, soft-spoken, friendly and compassionate person.  His faithful and dutiful service was exemplified by his daily attendance to chapel, his response to regular and emergency patient needs and his general uplifting relationships with all he came in contact with.  His smile, his quiet manner, his commitment to service will be missed.

Agriculture Plans get off the ground in Liberia

Seven months after he announced that he was going to change the agriculture ministry of the United Methodist Church in Liberia, Bishop Samuel J. Quire, Jr on Friday, August 25, 2017 launched the United Methodist Rural Agricultural Development Project (UMRADP) in Liberia. “I want every district and local church to own a farm before I retire from my episcopal leadership,” Bishop Quire said. He indicated that he wants agriculture to be his legacy as leader of the United Methodist church in Liberia.

In a special statement during the launch of the over $100,000 agriculture project, Bishop Quire noted that during the leadership of Retired Bishop Arthur F. Kulah, most of the ministries of the church in Liberia were thriving on agriculture projects throughout the various mission stations, adding, “when I am driving through this country, I want to see sign posts announcing farms that belong to United Methodist congregations.” The Liberian church leader said he is going to ensure that people of the church return to the soil through the United Methodist Rural Agricultural Development Project. “We can support ourselves if we make use of the soil,” he emphasized.

According to the director of the United Methodist Rural Agricultural Development Project (UMRADP), Rev. Joseph Theoway, the project will own five basic farms across the country making use of the mission stations including Gbarnga, Ganta, and Gbeazon Town in Sinoe County, now serving as the agriculture college of agriculture for the United Methodist University. He also indicated that UMRADP will partner with the government of Liberia to empower the people of Liberia and not just United Methodists. “Our job is to empower to the people to enhance self-reliance,” Rev Theoway asserted. The head of UMRADP said the initial project cost which is estimated at over $100,000 United States dollars will focus on reviving the agricultural infrastructures of the church while training the people at the same time for the first two years. “In the first four years of Bishop Quire’s Episcopal leadership the practical results of the farms that will be located in five regions across the country shall be seen,” he concluded.

Earlier during the launching program, the Conference Lay Leader of the United Methodist Church in Liberia, Tolbert Nyenswah attributed his fun memories to the agriculture ministries of the as a youth growing up in the church. “We will support your leadership in this agriculture endeavor for the church,” Nyenswah said. The Conference Lay Leader said once the church can feed its people, it will enhance the food security initiatives of the Liberian government.

UMC Liberia Signs Partnership Agreement with Discipleship Ministries

 Bishop Samuel J. Quire, Jr (l) and Robin Pippin (r) shake hands after signing the partnership agreement between UMC Liberia and Discipleship Ministries

Bishop Samuel J. Quire, Jr (l) and Robin Pippin (r) shake hands after signing the partnership agreement between UMC Liberia and Discipleship Ministries

Rev. Dr. Samuel J. Quire, Jr., Resident Bishop of the Liberia Episcopal Area on June 16, 2017, signed a four-year partnership agreement with Discipleship Ministries (formerly General Board of Discipleship) in Monrovia. The agreement now extends the relationship between the Liberian Church and the agency of the United Methodist Church for another quadrennium.

During the signing ceremony, Bishop Quire said the Liberian church was in the debt of the agency for availing itself to respond to the writing and reading needs of the Liberian people. “Your involvement with the church through the publishing team will strengthen our efforts in making resources available to our people,” he affirmed. Bishop Quire also pointed out that for too long, the UMC Book of Discipline has been one of the resources that has been eluding most of our church members, adding, “it will be very good if the publishing team through this partnership can make important excerpts of the book available for my members.”

Members of the Liberia Publishing Team in a group photo after training and signing ceremony. Photo by Michael Boglay

Members of the Liberia Publishing Team in a group photo after training and signing ceremony. Photo by Michael Boglay

The Resident Bishop commended Discipleship Ministries through Discipleship Resources International (DRI) for their role in the Liberian church, especially during the time of the Ebola crisis. He indicated that as he embarks on his twelve-year mission of making the United Methodist Church in Liberia sustainable, written information will be key in his undertakings. “Several things have changed and reviving those will be crucial and the publishing team will have to be a part of it,” he asserted. He said the Methodist way of worshiping is disappearing from the churches, adding, “the publishing team needs to reduce the regular UMC hymnals to booklets that can be given to all the churches, especially those without hymnals.”

Signing on behalf of Discipleship Ministries, Robin Pippin said the partnership was the global United Methodist Church’s way of empowering its members outside of the United States of America. “You have the human resources and the talents, so we want to help in building the capacity of our members,” Pippin said. She indicated that the Liberia publishing team has been instrumental in expanding the work of Discipleship Ministries in this country through the printing and publishing of resources for the church, including the Ebola booklets. The Discipleship Ministries representative also indicated that the role of the publishing team in creating contextual resources for local churches is key in how the agency wants to help to resource the membership of the United Methodist Church outside of the US. “The team needs to make resources available that will enlighten members of the church here in Liberia,” she concluded.

The agreement is the third quadrennial document signed between the United Methodist Bishop Samuel J. Quire, Jr (l) and Robin Pippin (r) signing the partnership agreement between UMC Liberia and Discipleship MinistriesChurch in Liberia and Discipleship Ministries through DRI. The agreement paved the way for the agency to provide an annual grant to the publishing team of Liberia and support other funding needs when deemed appropriate. In the last quadrennium, the publishing team was able to reprint Bible text books for United Methodist Schools, booklets for churches, and the Ebola booklets through the grants.


Reporting and photos by E. Julu Swen

Group photo by Michael Boglay