New Church in Bopolu

UMC Liberia Dedicates New Edifice

Bro. F. Shaffa Seward Appointed as Pastor

The First United Methodist Church of the St. Paul River District Conference in Bopolu City, Gbarpolu County has been dedicated to the honor and glory of God by the Resident Bishop of the United Methodist in Liberia.

Bishop Innis (center) with DS Rev Christopher Marshall, Mrs. Laurie Broglio, Bro. John Broglio and Rev. Shaffa Seward

Bishop Innis (center) with DS Rev Christopher Marshall, Mrs. Laurie Broglio, Bro. John Broglio and Rev. Shaffa Seward

Rev. Dr. John G. Innis delivering his message on the theme; “The Good Work God Has Done” with text drawn from Philippians 1: 1-6, thanked God for the new edifice and said the church will bring people to Jesus Christ in that part of the country. He noted that the church should always keep in the business of transforming the world to doing the works of Jesus Christ and vows that the United Methodist Church will never reneged or failed carrying out this duty.

The United Methodist Church President during his thirty minute message expressed thanks and appreciation to the new pastor in charge of the church, Bro. Shaffa Seward for the level of work done for the church of God and the people of Bopolu City.

He used the occasion to call on Christians and Liberians to always remember their homeland and or their place of origin so as to remain connected to their roots and people.

“God will always bless those who do his work and for other people and not only for oneself,” Bishop Innis intoned. He told the congregation that Pastor Shaffa Seward has worked and is continuing to work for God and his people.

He pointed out that the First United Methodist Church in Bopolu City; Gbarpolu County is currently constructing a school to enhance the education of United Methodists and other Liberians in that part of the country under the leadership of Pastor Seward. The school; accordingly will be dedicated very soon so that students can enroll for the next school year in the midst of a number of challenges.

“There were several challenges in the process of the construction of the church ranging from stealing of bags of cement, steel rods, timbers and other materials, but God himself was in the rising of this church and today we are in a new edifice to worship and serve him,” the Bishop avowed.

He appealed to United Methodists and other citizens of the city to protect what God has given them and called on them to be hopeful, loving and caring to each other. Bishop Innis asked members of the church to support the work of their pastor and participate in all activities of the church especially to the glory and honor of God. “The church is not one person,” he averred.

Rev. Dr. John G. Innis stressed that there are talents in the church and that folks of the church must use their talents to enhance the work of God in the church so that the people of the church and community can live in peace, happiness and harmony with one another indicating that whatever the church does will be in the interest of the people.

Laying the cornerstone to climax the dedication of the new edifice, Bishop Innis expressed that God is seriously working in Liberia through the United Methodist Church. He as well thanked God for the Pender United Methodist Church in Virginia, United States of America that supported the construction of the new edifice and continuing to offer support in the building schools for Liberian children.

According to the President of the United Methodist Church in Liberia, the Pender UMC made a contribution of $40,000 United States Dollars for the construction of the First United Methodist Church in Bopolu City, Gbarpolu County, Liberia. “The amount was divided into two equal parts to construct churches in other districts of the Liberia Annual Conference,” Bishop Innis added. Additional funds came from Bethany UMC in Purcellville, Virginia and Harmony UMC in Hamilton, Virginia.

Prior to the Bishop’s message, the District Superintendent of the St. Paul River District Conference, Rev. Christopher G. Marshall inducted Bro. Shaffa Seward as Pastor of the First United Methodist Church in Bopolu City, Gbarpolu County, Liberia. Rev. Marshall cautioned Pastor Seward during the induction ceremony to do his best and be his best in making the church significant in this part of the country.

For his part, the new pastor of the church, Bro. Seward promised to do his best by the grace of God. He stressed that he will do all he can  to make the First United Methodist Church in Bopolu City, Gbarpolu County a success story.

Also speaking at the occasion, was the head of the visiting team from the United States of America, Mr. John Broglio who came along with his wife, Madam Laurie Broglio to grace the dedicatory ceremony in Gbarpolu County.

Mr. Broglio expressed thanks and appreciation to UMC Liberia through its Resident Bishop for the level of development the church is carrying on throughout the country and hope that the church will continue in its drive. He presented a gift of $300 United States Dollars on behalf of the Purcellville Lions Club, Virginia USA to Pastor Seward who is also member of the Ducor Lions Club, Liberia.

Written by Edwin C. Benson

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