Operation Classroom

The Mission of Operation Classroom is to Partner
with The United Methodist Churches of Liberia And Sierra Leone
to Improve Secondary Education

Alfred N. Zigbuo Country Coordinator
Rev. Morrison Wleh Director, S. Edward Peal  Center


 Operation Classroom

Liberia – Indiana – Sierra Leone
Education That Changes Lives


 Education that Changes Lives: It’s Our Challenge – and It’s Our Hope

Your school is invited to become a part of the
“Operation Classroom Education Improvement Program”

 First, become an Operation Classroom Certified School.   All United Methodist Secondary Schools in Liberia and Sierra Leone can now become OC Certified – which will give them the opportunity to participate in the OC Scholars Program, and the OC Challenge Grant Program.  But the first step is to become OC Certified.

Secondly, propose students to be OC Scholars.  A maximum of 10% of your student body (at any point in time) can be OC Scholars.  (Note: The fact that a student is proposed as an OC Scholar does not guarantee enrollment.  Scholarships will be granted based on availability of funds from sponsors.

 Thirdly, submit grant applications when Challenge Grants are made available.   As Operation Classroom has funds available, we will disseminate a RFP (Request for Proposal) from any OC Certified School that wishes to compete for those funds.  This will be a “competitive” grant process.  Your Operation Classroom Coordinator in-country will work with schools to prepare those grant applications.  At the time that we’re prepared to issue the first RFP (Request for Proposals), we’ll look to hold workshops to assist in this process.