Teacher Training by Detroit Conference

Picture5 Picture6 Picture7 Picture8 Picture9 Picture10 Picture3United Methodist education in Liberia began in 1839. Today the United Methodist School System is the largest private school system in Liberia.

Although the government offers free education through the ninth grade, there are not enough government schools to meet the educational needs of the children.

The United Methodist Church works in partnership with the government of Liberia to provide an education for all  children.

Liberia Teacher Training Program sponsored by Detroit Conference church.

In 2013, Tecumseh United Methodist Church sponsored a Skills Workshop for all UMS teachers in St. John River District at Picture4their request.

The workshop was conducted by facilitators from the Grand Bassa Community College. Thirty teachers attended, receiving instruction In:

•Lesson Planning
•Classroom Management
•Construction of Valid Tests
•Teaching English

At the end of the session:

•Teachers Were Assessed
•Recommendations Were Provided
•Teachers Evaluated the Content and Value of the Workshop

A recommendation for continuing the Training sessions  received from the teachers.

Plan for Continued Training Sessions

The Director of Education and Ministry of the Liberian Conference, Helen Roberts Evans, affirms the need for all teachers to improve their skills.

Liberian Schools are divided into 4 regions, each having a College or Community College within the region.

With adequate funding, two trainings will be provided per region in the next school year. These will be conducted by facilitators from local colleges. Each training will be adapted to the language, culture and specific needs of that region.

Liberians involved in improving the education system!


The Tecumseh Church received:

•Detailed Receipt for Expenses
•Copies of the Workshop Topics and Methodologies
•Summary of the Training Including :

In addition, 28 letters were received from teachers in attendance.

A report from the Director of Education was presented at Tecumseh during her visit to DAC in November.

This type of training provides role models for current Liberian teachers, and incentive to seek formal teacher education.
An Invitation from Detroit Annual Conference Board of Global Ministries

Members of the Detroit Conference have been invited to support special training workshops for teachers in Liberia .

The first Training session in August,2014.

Regional training updates will be presented at the Liberian Summit hosted by the Detroit Conference November 13 and 14, 2014 at Narden Park Church, Farmington Hills . All DAC members are invited to attend the Summit. This presentation will encourage other conferences to participate in the trainings with the goal of Liberian Conference sustaining the needed trainings in the near future.


The  Liberia Teacher Training can be supported with minimal offerings from many. Funds are routed through the Advance #15125B.

Cost of Training $20,000. The Detroit Conference has 100,000 members and 450 churches “ Blessed to be a Blessing”.
Help Shoulder the Responsibility of Funding God’s Work in Liberia!


Teacher training Detroit Annual Conference 2014