Liberia United Methodist Education Update Jan 2012




January was an exciting time in Liberia with the inauguration of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.  Schools were closed on January 16th– inauguration day and celebrations were held throughout the republic. I was awakened at 6:00 that morning by the sound of firing cannons announcing the beginning of our president’s new term.

Edith Wiarda visiting from Ann Arbor District Michigan

Edith Wiarda from Ann Arbor District Michigan visiting schools with Rev. Jacob Nathan, Rev. Clarissa Robertson, Rev Roosevelt Goah.

It was also an exciting month for our Department of General Education and Ministry.  Edith Wiarda, the chairperson for the Ann Arbor District Liberia Taskforce, came to visit with partner districts in Liberia.  We had a great time traveling together with the District Superintendents of Grand Bassa, St. John River and Rivercess Districts.  Since our department still did not have a vehicle, Edith rented a 4-wheel drive for our travels to meet with congregations and schools in the three districts. Here is Edith with the three partner District Superintendents- Rev. Jacob Nathan (Rivercess), Rev. Clarissa Robertson (Grand Bassa), and Rev. Roosevelt Goah (St. John River) at the J. C. Early United Methodist School in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County.

We spent a night at the home of Rev. Jacob Nathan in Cestos City, Rivercess County.  The District Superintendent’s residence is right next to the Cestos United Methodist School. The school, community and Rev. Nathan’s family all use the pump that was installed with funds donated by the Ann Arbor District.

From Cestos, we went with Rev. Nathan to Kpah’s Town where the Samuel Ziah United Methodist School is located.  There are two pumps in the town, but both wells are dry and the children go to the creek for water to drink, cook and bathe.  The town’s people told us that the rocky ground makes it difficult to have a well deep enough to give water in dry season.

As I travel around Liberia, I see that many of our village schools are still without water pumps or have pumps that are not working.  Your generous gifts to support having clean water at all our schools are greatly appreciated.

Children getting water from creek at Kpah's Town.

Children getting water from creek at Kpah’s Town.

Our other exciting news is that by the end of January we raised $11,000 to purchase a used Toyota 4-runner with standard shift and 4-wheel drive.  We received donations from our United Methodist schools in Liberia, Satunakyrkan UMC Stockholm, Sweden; Myers Park UMC, Charlotte North Carolina; Liberia Annual Conference member, N. Oswald Tweh; and Edith Wiarda on behalf of Chelsea UMC in Chelsea, Michigan.

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Thank for your prayers and support.


Helen Roberts-Evans