Report on Third Evangelism Training Academy



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(November 15 – 18, 2011)


In fulfillment of the Great Commission, (St. Matthew 28:19 – 20), the Department of Evangelism and Missions with the help of God through our Foreign Partners is up to the task. Thus, this covers the activities of the Third Phase conducted with the Morweh District of which Seventy-eight participants were trained and certificated.

The facilitators of this sacred training primarily came from the Department with Rev. Jacob Nathan, II, District Superintendent of the River Cess District serving as one of the facilitators.

Venue and Training

The District is Morweh District in River Cess County and the venue of the Training is called Boegeesay Town. The town is approximately 67 miles drive away from Buchanan City. Buchanan is one of the provisional capital cities of Liberia.

As we travel throughout the Annual Conference in providing training for Local Pastors and Church workers for the advancement of God’s Kingdom and numerical and spiritual growth of local Congregations, we realized that Rural Churches/Districts need basic and specific topics in order to enhance its Evangelistic capacity/activity. Thus, the below topics were prayerfully and carefully selected to meet the needs. Topics discussed include:

  1. Church Administration in the context of Rural Churches
  2. Church Planting and Discipleship in rural Liberia
  3. The Pastor as an Evangelist
  4. Palava Management in the Church and Society
  5. Planning of Crusade and Revival
  6. Cross-culture Evangelism

Seventy-eight persons including Local Pastors and Church Leaders attended the Training Sessions. The participants included leaders and members from the Morweh District as well as ten participants from the World-Wide and Open Bible Churches.

The participation of District and Local Churches in the Training is overwhelming. The participants expressed the desire to learn and disciple others for the Kingdom of God. In fact, the Ecumenical Spirit among other denominations in the communities in which the Academy was conducted continues to grow as other Christians/Non-United Methodists joined in the Training and expressed happiness.


These categories of people attended the training:

  1. Men                             41
  2. Women                        23
  3. Young People             14

As part of the objective of the training, the participants faithfully promised to replicate the training with the assistance of the Annual Conference. Our department also committed itself in providing some of the facilitators.

Jesus Film

In an effort to win more souls for Christ, one of the major evangelistic tools used during the three nights stay was the Jesus Film. The Bassa Version was shown as it deeply appeals to the hearts of the viewers and listeners. The message was clearly understood and interpreted as the Show depicted that Jesus was speaking in the local vernacular “The Bassa Dialect”.

As a result of this, One hundred twenty-eight persons accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior while many rededicated their lives to Him (Jesus Christ).  The converts were taken over by the nearby United Methodist Churches for nurturing.


The training was wholistic in nature in that it equipped the participants to do effective ministry that is culturally relevant. It serves as an eye-opener for those who had the desire to lead and serve but did not know how. It prepares the participants to be bold and faithful evangelists, courageous leaders, and qualified trainers. On the other hand, the training was evangelistic as the participants demonstrated what was learned as they witnessed and brought people to Christ following the showing of the Jesus Film.


Road network remains the impeding factor in every sector of our country. Delegates/participants to this Training had to walk hours to get to the Training Center as there is no motor road leading to their villages. Besides, we were also challenged by their Farming Season. There could have been more participants attending but most of them were engaged with their harvesting. As a result, fewer persons in proportion to the total membership of Churches participated in the workshop. The risk of traveling on bad roads for hours at night to get to the venue cannot be ignored.

Financial Report

The amount available for the training was Two thousand sixty-six United States Dollars (USD$2,066). The amount was used for the training. Below is the breakdown:

a)      Food                –           –           –           –           –           –           $975.00

b)      Gas/transportation/Vehicle maintenance        –           –           $900.00

c)      Training Materials/Printing     –           –           –           –           $150.00

d)     Communication           –           –           –           –           –            $41.00

Total                –           –           –           –           –           –       $2,066.00

We praise God that our partners, especially, the GBGM was faithful and committed to providing their portion of the funds needed for running these academies.

Commendation and Conclusion

Our gratitude goes to our GBGM Family that continues to finance our Ministry on this side of the Globe.

Finally, we are grateful to God for the opportunity afforded us to work in His Vineyard even if others don’t seem to believe us, we are His Servants.

Kind regards,

Signed: __________________________

Rev. Isaac Chukpue-Padmore

Director, DEM/LAC/UMC