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 The Academy is the major way that the Liberia Annual Conference, The United Methodist Church trains its Pastors, Evangelists and Lay Leaders in order for them to re-produce themselves by replicating the training. As usual, the first training for 2011 was blended with the celebration of the God’s Power Week, an evangelistic activity of the LAC/UMC which commences from Ascension Sunday to Pentecost Sunday. It was observed this year from June 5 – 12, 2011 with the Sinoe and Nana Kru Districts in the Southeastern part of Liberia. The Southeastern region is our focus this probably next year because this area has great and numerous needs for ministry. The Academy was hosted by the Nana Kru District in a place called Kaquekpo Town – a region that is land-lock. For instance, for the first of its kind, children in that area (between ages 5 – 12) saw vehicle with their own eyes when we arrived there. Those kids cried when they were told to enter the vehicle.


The participants were pastors, local church evangelists, Lay Speakers, Lay Leaders, and devoted young people. There were ninety-five (95) persons in attendance. Some of these people walked (as we were told) between three to fourteen hours to the venue because they have no means of transportation because the place is not accessible for vehicle. However, they were enthusiastic about the training and the Spiritual formation experience they had. They expressed joy for the opportunity which is first of its kind in that region. One of the participants asked: “does this thing exist in The United Methodist Church?”


The following persons facilitated the teaching sections of the Academy:

  1. Rev. Isaac Chukpue-Padmore, Director
  2. Rev. H. Nyenorsee Hinneh, Associate Director
  3. Pst. Princess C. Knuckles, Training Officer
  4. Rev. Dorothy McCauley, Volunteer
  5. Rev. Jacob Nathan (District Superintended, River Cess District),  Volunteer


The below listed topics were deliberated on during the seminar. They are:

  1. Evangelism and Discipleship
  2. The Church and Missions
  3. The Role of Prayer in Evangelism
  4. The Holy Spirit and His Role in Evangelism
  5. The Method in Planning Crusade and Revival
  6. The Pastors as an Evangelist
  7. Christian Stewardship and Church Budgeting
  8. Conflict Management in Post-war Liberia

The training sessions were very informative, challenging and rewarding. The participants, especially the Pastors and District Superintendents, requested that this training be an annual event to be carried out in the District. At the end of the training, ninety-fiver (95) participants received Certificate of Participation. Participants told us that the Week-long Training will have a lasting impact and memory on them. They faithfully requested for continuity.

The Jesus Film Crusade

As a part of the Academy, an evening Evangelistic Service was held for three days in two of the major towns: Titiyen and Kaquekpo. In Kaquekpo, the Jesus Film was shown for two nights; while it was shown for one night in Titiyen, about an hour walk fromthe venue of the seminar. These evening services were well attended by the people with enthusiasm. Over one thousand people were present. Several hundreds, who were already Christians, re-dedicated their lives to Christ; while 89 people accepted Jesus Christ and were subsequently baptized by your humble servant. Five (5) of the baptisands joined other Christian denominations while eighty-four (84) of them joined respective United Methodist Churches in the region. The Pastors were encouraged to do constant follow-ups for the purpose  of nurture and spiritual growth.

Financial Report

We were blessed with a grant of Six thousand eight hundred twenty-five United States Dollars ($6,825.00) for the 2011 Academy. The LAC/UMC contributed Three hundred forty United States Dollars ($340.00).

For the First Academy, we had a total of ninety-five (95) participants and seven (7) facilitators, totaling one hundred and two (201) people.

Below is the breakdown of how the portion of the fund received was used:

a)      Food (102 persons)     –           –           –           –           –           $1,500.00

b)      Transportation (Vehicle repairs, Gasoline, etc)           –           $1,400.00

c)      Communication           –           –           –           –           –                $33.00

d)     Printing                       –           –           –           –           –              $100.00

Total   –           –           –           –           $3,033.00

The total amount received for the Academy is Seven thousand one hundred sixty-five United States Dollars ($7,165.00).

Total amount used for the first phased is Three thousand thirty-three United States Dollars ($3,033.00) with the balanced of Four thousand one hundred thirty-two dollars ($4,132.00) for the running of the last two academies.


May we express our heartfelt thanks and appreciation to all of you who made it possible otherwise for this project to be funded. May God continue to bless you all.

Signed: __________________________

Rev. Isaac Chukpue-Padmore

Director, DEM/LAC/UMC