Liberia Summit in Alton Illinois 2

Friday morning, November 22, 2013

Bishop John G. Innis of the Liberia Area of the United Methodist Church speaks to the Liberia Summit. As God said “It is good,” while looking onto creation, so we today can stand back and say “This is good.” All the work exhibited here among those gathered is a powerful example of the good work of the United Methodist Church in Liberia. The church is making a difference in Liberia and in the world. “We can’t see it all. We are connected to the church in Norway, in Liberia, in Germany and around the world.”

There may be difference in our opinions about issues, but we are united in serving the one Lord and in ministry to the world. This is what is exciting about our ministry together. We stand together.

“We say right now,” Bishop Innis declares to the crowd, “Thank you!” “Thank you plenty!” The thanks is expressed in Bassa, Kru, K’pelle, Mano, English by the Liberian nationals present at the Summit.

Jonathan Kaipay, Coordinator of Community Services of the LAC presents to the gathered Summit of Liberia partners.

  • Four schools constructed in four counties. 11,247 beneficiaries.
    Children now no longer meet in open air school classrooms.
    Zanzaye School in Nimba County.
    Louisiana School in Sinoe County.
  • Six health facilities constructed or under construction in four counties.
    Compound Three Health Center in Grand Bassa County.
    Weala Clinic in Margibi County.
    Clinic in Boway in Bong County.
    Boyee Clinic in Nimba County
  • Constructed three mini bridges and one major bridge.
  • Agricultural Projects
    Animal husbandry in Maryland
  • Water and Sanitation
    Fifty-three hand pumps
    Twenty latrines
  • Resource Center in Bopolu


Pryde C. Bass, Sr. of the East Ohio Conference calls on Summit to work together. “We must engage in a synergistic way of ministry.” The right hand must know what the left hand is doing in Liberia. We all care and are invested. Let’s work together.

Looking upon a Liberian national flag in the gathering space, Brother Bass said the one star reminds us of the one Christ as well as the one nation of Liberia. “Let us be the Light of Christ shining upon the nation of Liberia and the world,” Bro. Bass exhorted the gathering.

“Watch the healing take place when we reflect the light of Christ.”

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