LAC 2014 Martha Prout Dennis Chapel

I am indeed grateful to our most Merciful Father for bringing us together today to account for our respective stewardship.  It is interesting to note that the Martha Prout Dennis Chapel is now commonly “Called the First Church”.  The reason is two-fold; 1. All our partners in progress first worship with the Chapel before going to their various projects sights or districts as they visit our Annual Conference.  2. Besides, the David Tweh Toe’s Conference Room, the major meetings discussions and programs of our Annual Conference and of other Institutions are held in the Chapel.

The Spiritual Life of the Chapel:

The Martha Prout Dennis Chapel continues to serve as light to our Central Office and to all those who attend it by the power of the Holy Spirit.  Our weekly devotions constitute preaching teaching, counseling, prayers and testimonies.  These elements of worship, inspire, comfort and encourage the worshippers.

The Physical Condition of the Chapel: Improving the physical condition of the Martha Prout Dennis Chapel has been one of the primary concerns of its worshippers because next to godliness is cleanliness.  Accordingly, the windows of the Chapel had been installed with rod and rollers.  The facilitate can now opening and closing of the curtains.


Pastor’s Appreciation Day: On Wednesday, 4th September 2013 was one of the joyous occasions in my life.  For in compliance with the Annual Conference Policy of Pastors’ annual appreciation, your humble servant was accorded adequately balanced appreciation by the Center Office Staff and some Loving United Methodist.

The appreciation was balanced because the gifts received were food, a certificate and cash.  The food is for strength and nourishment; the certificate signifies my commitment and competence; while the cash designed to meet my felt needs.  The certificate was offered by the Monrovia District Conference and presented by Sister Pauline Nagbe Roberts, the Associate Lay Leader of the Liberia Annual Conference.

The Sermon of the day was briefly delivered by Rev. George D. Wilson, Jr., Director for Connectional Ministries on the theme “Following Jesus”.  The Text was taken from Luke 9, and the message was inspirational and challenging.

Thanksgiving Service: A Thanksgiving Service was held in July 2013 for Bishop Innis and Mother Innis by the Central Office Staff and the Management Team upon their safe return from the United States.  As usual, the Church was packed to capacity.  The Thanksgiving prayer was offered by Rev. Dorothy Macaulay, while Rev. Erlene P. Thompson, Chairperson of the Management Team made her report.

Observance of the Holy Communion: The Lord’s Supper, during the period under review was commemorated on the first Wednesday of every month.  The first Wednesday of each month is set aside for communion by the First Church.  There were a total of 185 communicants.

Ecumenism: In order to faster ecumenical cooperation, and being sensitive to human needs, the Martha Prout Dennis Chapel during the period under view made financial contributions to the following Church, Organization and Individual:

An amount of LD6,000 (Six Thousand Liberian Dollars) was provided to the LCC (Liberia Council of Churches) toward their annual fund-raising program. And
A financial assistance of USD50.00 (United States Fifty Dollars) plus LD2, 000.00 (Liberian Dollars Two Thousand) respectively was offered to the Liberia Calvary Ministries toward the missionary training of two of its young people.

Also, the Chapel shouldered the medical bill of one of the office boys, as well as a strong worshipper of the Chapel known as Anthony Quiah.

Visitation: During the period in retrospect, four teams of our partner in progress from three Annual Conferences of the United State of America visited Liberia.  The purpose for their visit as usual was to work on their various project/programs in LEC/UMC:
Leaders:                                   Annual Conference:

Bunny Wolfe                           Illinois Great Conference

Mary Blencowe                                   East Ohio Conference

Rev. Jason                              East Ohio Conference

Kathy Dicinede                                    East Ohio Conference

Kelvin Shancer                                    East Ohio Conference

Rev. Scott Law                                    East Ohio Conference

Rev. Dor Richards                   East Ohio Conference

Sandy Ver Dair                                    East Ohio Conference

Rev.                                         Atlanta Georgia Conference

Commendation: I am extremely grateful to my inner circle, namely, Rev. Dr. Gueh, Rev. Wilson, Rev. MaCaulay, Sis. Gargar, Sis. Wesseh, Bron. Malleh and Bro. Railey, etc. for their regular visitation when I was operated on and bereaved.  I must express deepest appreciation also to the entire church for keeping the light of the Chapel burning and for the financial support rendered during my dark days.

Bro. Alfred Zigbuo deserve high commendation for supplying the Chapel with two (2) cartons of Holy Bibles.  May the good Lord richly bless you, Bro. Zigbuo for your spiritually equipping us.

It is worth mentioning that Sis. Awa Cole remains supportive of the Chapel by furnishing the communion elements.  Sis. Cole, thanks indeed. Please do not be weary in well dong.

To our partners in progress, we say thanks immensely for your periodical offerings.  They greatly contribute to the financial needs of the Church.

Conclusion: May love, unity and cooperation continue to characterize our cordial working relationship.  Through the power of the Holy Spirit, coupled with persistent prayers, unwavering faith and dedication to duty, we can be victorious in the Master’s vineyard.

May the good Lord bless us all.

Respectfully submitted,

Rev. Joseph W. Sunday