LAC 2014 Liberia United Methodist Empowerment Foundation LUMEF

For the Year 2013, the LUMEF Board of Directors provided oversight of the Secretariat’s operation, the collection and deposit of funds, and the dissemination of information through visitation. Additionally, the Board has overseen the planning of the Commercial Complex project, and the printing of Financial Cards for distribution to the Churches.


  • Bro. Monie R. Captan, Chairman
  • Bro. Willis Knuckles, Co-Chairman
  • Bro. Oswald Tweh
  • Sis. Mildred Reeves (Treasurer)
  • Bro. Milton Weeks
  • Sis. Medina Wesseh
  • Sis. Theresa Dougba
  • Rev. Earlene Thompson
  • Sis. Etmonia Tarpeh
  • Sis. Diana Allen
  • Bro. John Togba
  • Bro. Rudolph Merab (Advisor)
  • Bro. Richmond Draper (ex officio)
  • Rev. Dorothy Macaulay (Secretary)

Visitation And Activities: For the year 2013, the Secretariat continued the collection and deposit of funds; including, the sensitization and awareness of LUMEF through the dissemination of information, workshops and visitations.  

On September 7, 2013, a one day sensitization workshop of the foundation was held at New Georgia United Methodist Church for two (2) Districts, St. Paul River and Monrovia. At the workshop, the following topics were presented:

  •  “The Role of LUMEF in the LAC/UMC” facilitated by Rev. Samuel J. Quire, Jr. who was a proxy for the Resident Bishop, Rev. Dr. John G. Innis;
  • “God Perspective on Stewardship,” facilitated by Rev. Hinneh Nyenorsee, Associate Director, Evangelism Department.
  • “The Reflection of the Foundation 2001-2013,” facilitated by the Administration Assistant to the Bishop office, Rev, Samuel J. Quire.

At the end of the lecture, questions and answers were put forth and small group discussions were formed to discuss a way forward for LUMEF 2013 -2016; thereafter, the following recommendations were made:

  1. That all local churches should be properly informed about the importance and benefit of collecting LUMEF contributions;
  2. That every local Church should come up with the common and simplest way of collecting the LUMEF contributions;
  3. That all local churches should set aside the month of October as LUMEF Month to preach and teach stewardship;
  4. That every local church should appoint a coordinator to manage and control the LUMEF contributions with the supervision of the pastor and the church council.

We also visited and participated in the worship service of the following churches, Lott G. Matthew, Ebenezer UMS, New Georgia UMS, John Kofi Ashma UMS, the dedication of the Charlotte Memorial UMC in Upper Caldwell. We were also privileged to encourage and give some explanation on the updates and accomplishments of the foundation.

 Commercial Complex: The LUMEF Board has entered into and concluded negotiations with the Conference United Methodist Women, LAC-UMC for a plot of land situated in the Methodist Compound at 13th Street, Sinkor.  An Agreement has been concluded and the property has been surveyed and demarcated. The Board has contracted the architectural and engineering services of Musons Group, Inc., to develop the design and engineering plans for the complex. The Board has also contracted an engineer, Mr. Togba Ngangana as consulting engineer for the project. Upon completion of the design and engineering plans which will include the estimated project cost, a groundbreaking ceremony and fund raising program will be planned. The award of the construction contract for the Commercial Complex will be based on open competitive bidding.

Financial Cards: Financial cards have been printed for the Churches to distribute among their members. The cards will assist in record keeping and provide a reminder for regular contributions. The Secretariat has already distributed some of the financial cards during visitations to various Districts and Churches. Churches are encouraged to collect financial cards and distribute them to their members, and encourage regular contributions and recording.

Investment Status: The Board continues to closely monitor the status and performance of LUMEF’s investment with the United Methodist Church Foundation (UMCF) in the USA.  The Foundation pools different funds together and invest them into various investment funds. The investment portfolio has shown an annual growth of LUMEF Assets from US$233,177.85 to US$249,158.55, representing an annual increase over this reporting year (2013) of US$ 15,980.70. The market value of LUMEF Assets with UMCF has increased from US$257,979.32 to 291,911.20, representing a market value increase over the same period of US$33,931.88.


Current Fund Balances:


SOURCE DESCRIPTION BALANCE as of Dec. 31, 2012 BALANCE as of Dec. 31, 2013 INCREASE
UMC Foundation ASSETS (USD)
Investment Cost Basis 233,177.85 249,158.55 15,980.70
Total Market Value 257,979.32 291,911.20 33,931.32
LBDI USD Account 11,077.85
LBDI LD Account 403,306.13
RECEIVABLE LOANS USD (LAC/Ganta Hospital) 16,000.00
RECEIVABLE LOANS LD (Ganta Hospital) 1,000,000.00

Supplementary Listing for 2013

# Name Amount in LD Amount in USD District
1 D. L. Struker UMC $500.00 Kakata/Farmington
2 Jacob’s Town UMC 1,000.00 Kakata/Farmington
3 Dorwein UMC 500 Kakata/Farmington
4 Ben Logan UMC 500 Kakata/Farmington
5 1st UMC Kakata  500 Kakata/Farmington
6 Duazon UMC 500 Kakata/Farmington
7 Peter Jery UMC 500 Kakata/Farmington
8 St. Luke UMC 500 Kakata/Farmington
9 Johnny Cooper UMC 500 Kakata/Farmington
10 St. Mark UMC 500 Kakata/Farmington
11 I.J. Williams UMC 500 Kakata/Farmington
12 St. Peters UMC (Laffite) 500 Kakata/Farmington
13 John Logan UMC 500 Kakata/Farmington
14 St. Matthew UMC 500 Kakata/Farmington
15 Zoegar TownUMC 500 Kakata/Farmington
16 Flomo Gboto 400 Kakata/Farmington
17 Gbeleyeday 500 Kakata/Farmington
18 Willie Williams 500 Kakata/Farmington
19 Joe S. Dear 500 Kakata/Farmington
20 1ST UMC Marshall  500 Kakata/Farmington
21 Mt. Mary Sackie UMC 100 Kakata/Farmington
Total $10,500.00
1 New Georgia UMC 2,500.00 Monrovia
2 Tubman UMC 14,300.00
3 Aletha Tubman UMC 900
4 Georgia Patten UMC 1,000.00
5 First UMC Monrovia 100,000.00
6 Doe Jueh UMC 3,500.00
7 S. T. Nagbe UMC 1,500.00
25 Weahma UMC 1,000.00
Total 123,200.00 150.00 USD
1 Bishop and Family 1,000.00
2 Rev. Samuel J. Quire, Jr. 10
3 Rev. Julius Collins 10
4 Rev. J. Sarwolo Nelson, Jr. 20
5 Rev. Esther Weah 5
6 Sis. Helen E. Roberts 60
7 Rev. Samuel B. Brown 1,500.00
8 Rev. Joseph T. Garkpee 500
9 Rev. James Z. Labala 10
10 Bro. Tolbert G. Nyenswah 10
11 Bro. Alfred Zigbuo 10
12 Rev. George Momo 500
Total 2,500.00 1,135.00
1 J. J. Dickson UMS 960
2 George V. Gibson UMS 3,500.00 Kakata/Farmington
3 Monrovia Dist. Women 5,000.00 Monrovia
4 NHUMWS 2,010.00
5 Kokoyah 20,000.00 Kokoyah District
Total 4,460.00
Flehla UMC
1 Mietta Diggs 200
2 Korte Carpeh 200
3 Alfred Diggs 200
4 Gberinai Seckor 200
5 Momo Sieh 200
6 Rev. Saturday Wanie 200
7 Rev. Gbargan Dennis 200
8 Rev. Kema Siea 200
9 Joseph Bellring 200
10 Kennie Fahn 200
11 Yatta Lamee 200
12 Bendu Kolleh 200
13 Garma Bellrind 200
14 Kena Bainda 200
15 Kennie Kpangbea 200
16 Ma –Kali Momo 200
17 Marlonee Kekulah 200
18 Gban Bainda 200
19 Massa Tieh 200
20 Momo Fahn 200
21 Leetuna Johnson 200
22 Philip Massally 200
Total 4,400
St. Peters UMC
1 Sis. Karkorteh 200
2 Sis. Mama Kpacle 200
3 Florence Flemo 200
4 Bro. Odusions Pages 200
5 Oretho Kollie 200
6 Anita Page 200
7 Fatu Anto 200
8 Mt. Bindu 200
Total 1,600
Totoquelleh UMC
1 Kolo Sharpe 200
2 Korpo Folmo 200
3 Musa Kaeaweloh 200
4 Dennis Balleh 200
5 Krnsha Sumo 200
6 Jerry Sumo 200
Total 1,200
Demi Poln UMC
1 Rev. Martin Klmi Holder 200
2 Mt. Mary K. Holder 200
3 Mt. Korpu Kollie 200
4 Mt. Kweada Seward 200
5 Bro. Robert Bondo 200
6 Sis. Gbetee Bondo 200
7 Mt. Lorpu Jalleh 200
8 Sis. Leemu greforlon 200
Total 1,600
Nyeablay UMC
1 Tumu Sackie 200
2 Makoe Singba 200
3 Liawa Sumo 200
Total 600
Fuamah UMC
1 Rev. Sngbah Maipu 300
2 Bro. John Sulonteh 300
3 Morris F. Gortoh
Total 600
Kpan Ta UMC
1 Catherine S. James 200
2 Tennce Morterkollie 200
3 Kemah Peal 200
Total 600
1 Nana Kru 6,000.00
2 Kru Coast 10,000.00
3 St. John River 5,000.00
TOTAL 21,000
Grand Total 172,260.00 1,285.00

The Board of Trustees of LUMEF express their gratitude and thanks to all those that have contributed to the Foundation’s Fund and provided sacrificial services to LUMEF. We call on all Methodists to continue to support LUMEF in the spirit of joy, hope, and May the Blessings of the Almighty continue to be upon us all. It is our hope and prayers that we will all succeed in reawakening the momentum of LUMEF in this New Year.

Respectfully submitted, Rev. Dorothy M. Macaula, Director- LUMEF, LAC/UMC

Approved: Bro. Monie R. Captan, Chairman- LUMEF, LAC/UMC