LAC 2014 Ganta Mission Station

During the year under reviewed, 2013, we are glad to report on the various activities:

Agriculture: Piggery The Ganta Mission Station has been in animal farming since November 2011. We have been producing and preparing pigs for sale to the local community at every big occasion (July 26, Christmas, New Year, etc.).  We now have the total of 65 pigs (55 piglets and 10 big size pigs.)

We have been in constant selling of pigs and receiving new piglets. Our goal is to have impact on individual and small farmers in Ganta and the surrounding villages by providing them with piglets and chickens for lower prices, which now we have 15 farmers we are provided with piglets, and feeds. The numbers of small farmers we are working with are about 25 persons for sustainability, 10 persons in oil palm farming.

As part our goal is to provide food security and meat for our Ganta mission family and community   we donated to the Ganta Hospital one large size pig for patients consumption during the Last July 26 Holiday which was cooked for 14days to feed the patients, marked a good sign of humanitarian gesture and we hope; to continue this among other ministry areas.

Poultry: The poultry house has been renovated by the Illinois Great River Conference (IGRC), at cost of $18,600USD. The IGRC donated the total of $24, 555 toward purchasing a day old chicks and hogs. Our thanks and appreciation to Bunny Wolfe, Rev. J. Keith Zimmerman, chair of the Liberia Partnership committee and the Illinois Great River Conference.

Our first order of seven hundred chicks arrived in March 2013 and was well received and taken care of, and sale. The second order of four hundred and forty (440) chicks    arrived in May with problems. The road condition was bad off and the chicks spent two nights which was stressful for a day-old as a result, it came down with high mortality and did not recover thereby resulting into a lost.

We were able to sell only 114 chickens at $5USD.The next order of 800 chicks came on October 4th, 2013 with 59 mortalities, leaving us with 741. As part our commitment to empower our local churches and other organizations, we are in partnership with the Children Ministry in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County. We were able to supply them with 500 six-week old chicks on November 22, 2013 for $1,565 and sold the 241 balance at Christmas for $1,205.We hope that many other UMC group will take advantage of this opportunity and we provide training for people in poultry, piggery, Rabbits, oil palm and Bee-hives.

Rice: The Ganta Mission Station planted two separate rice farms, the low land (Swamp) is about five acres and has since been harvested. The up-Land is about four acres and was in November realizing 15 bags of rice

Bee-keeping: Ten beehives boxes constructed and placed around the mission has been harvested after eight months with five pig feet barrels of honey and brought to the conference for sale.  Please hurry up, and buy your Natural Honey, taste great and it has terrific health benefits.

The vegetables planted in March 2013 have been harvested.

  •  Eggplant – 6 bags
  • Cabbage – 3 bags
  • Peppers – 1 bag
  • Sweet Potatoes – 4 bags
  • Tomatoes – 2 bags
  • Beans – 3 bags
  • Watermelons – 6 bags
  • Rice -12 bags

 Oil Palm: We also received about 2,200 pre-germinated seeds of improved palm from WINROCK that it was put on nursery for one year. 1,000 were sold to individual oil palm farmers and a women organization known as Daughters of Nimba.  We have covered about five acres.  As part of our effort to bring the mission entities together in building up their capacity, we give 250 seedlings to The Ganta United Methodist School which is about four acres and was planted under our supervision. The Mission Station planted 8acres of   palm on part of the 244 acres as security.

Rubber Farm: The 18-acres of rubber farm is intended to provide ownership and security to that part of the mission land as it has been under serious threat of encroachment.  Also it is intended to bring in income to the school but is been closely managed and monitored by the Mission Station. We have reconditioned the farm by brushing, spraying, pruning and replacement of dead trees.

The Mission Station goal is to bring in income for sustainability through the agriculture programs.

The Land Issue: Since the second phase of the Mission land 552 acres were discovered with 48 being encroached on by the people of Gbeissella.  After several meeting with the people of Gbeissella with no changes in the portion to give 244acres out of the 552 leaving them with 308 acres.

But the church continue to play her role as was agreed upon previously as some concession benefits for the Gbeissella community in exchange of the land such as scholarship for 20 secondary school students and 4 university students in 8 years.

The people of Gbeissella refused to give to the Church a portion more than 244 acres.

A final meeting was held on September 29, 2013 where the Norwegian Refugee Council

(NRC) representative, Mr. Nya G. Flomo did preside over the meeting to conclude the land issue between the people of Gbeissella and the United Methodist Church. After a long discussion with no changes in the people of Gbesselle’s position to give additional 100 acres back to the United Methodist Church, the Mission  Station’s Superintendent your humble servant, Rev. Priscilla Legay Jaiah  on behalf of the United Methodist Church of the Liberia Annual Conference  accepted the 244 acres portion that was demarcated during the last survey. The Deed of the previous 237.51 acres and the 244 acres are been prepared by the county resident land surveyor, Mr. D. Roland Giahyu to be signed by the president of the Republic of Liberia.

Briefing from Mission Station Ministry Areas

Ganta United Methodist Hospital

The Hospital is in crisis and in dying need of support things have been very challenging at the hospital: Scarcity of drugs and financial constraints as government has deleted the Ganta Hospital from the natural budget for 2014.

The Ganta United Methodist School (GUMS):

The Administration is doing all they could to bring the school up to standard. On financial issues, Operation class room has suspended the work grant scholarship program for 2013/2014. In order to generate income from other sources the school has embarked on poultry project. A GUM is also in partnership with FED producing vegetables and tuber crops. GUMS have installed DS TV system at the Gymnasium for students’ entertainment.

Miller McAllister UMC: The church carried out all of her yearly activities, conducted her charge conferences and attended the district conference held with Busie/Whipa UMC on January 6-12, 2014 Daily proceedings conducted Rev. James Labala, Superintendent, Gompa District. The Gompa District Conference was blessed by presence Bishop John G. Innis and Rev. Nelly Wright served as opening speaker at the Conference

United Methodist University/ College of Sciences: The school has been fine through out of the year with few challenges: The loss of one male senior student which brought little setback in the school’s calendar, and also one female student had a spiritual encounter and could not continue the semester.

There was an accreditation team from Monrovia to assess the school and they meet with the school administration.

The school is writing her final exam for the semester in this week.

Ganta Rehabilitation Center: There is an increase in the number of TB and Leprosy patients. The outreach team discovered new cases in several parts of Nimba County – mainly around the border area with the Ivory Coast and the treatment is ongoing currently.

Conclusion: In order to foster the good working relationship among the ministry areas, the Mission Station has intervened in situations confronting some of the entities over the years. For instance, the GUMS attempted strike by grieving teachers who were demanding salary payment were calm down as the result of the intervention of the mission station and quite recently in July, similar act was repeated at the GUMH by some aggrieved workers.

Recommendation: We recommend that the Liberia Annual Conference Board of Trustee provides the amount of six thousand United States dollars to plant 53 pieces of large size corner stone’s for security and ownership. This need to done immediately before the people begin to again encroach on the 244 acres of land left with Methodist Church.

Appreciation: On behalf of the Ganta Mission Station we wish to express our heartfelt thanks and appreciations to Bishop John G. Innis for his support and encouragement during the process of the Ganta Land issue. We extend our thanks to Mr. Nya G. Flomo, Mr. D. Roland Giahye, the resident County Land Surveyor and the Norwegian Refugee Council Family for their intervention and their mediation role played during the whole time.

Thanks and appreciation also goes to our partners in the USA, the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) and Europe (Germany)for their financial contributions toward the surveying of the land; as well as to our own Liberia Annual Conference Board of Trustees, the conference Lay-Leader, Brother Rudolp Morab for his support. Thanks and appreciation to Rev. Joseph T. Theoway, Rev. Sampson W. Nyanti, Dr. David Kialain, Cllr. Yamie Q. Gbesiaye,   Sis. Mary Zigbou, the late Rev. Herbert Zigbou,and all those who supported us with the prayers and encouragements during the many years the process of the Ganta Mission land survey project was undertaking.

Thanks and appreciation to all ministry areas of the Ganta Mission Station, for their tireless support, attending long meetings, advocating on behalf of the Church and completing the survey.


Yours in His service,  Rev. Priscilla Legay-Jaiah, Superintendent, Ganta Mission Station.