LAC 2014 Department Of Youth And Young Adult Ministry

The 2013 Conference Year commenced with the usual Planning Retreats for both Department and the two Young People Units.

We are pleased to inform you that the mandate of the 180th Session that: all constitution, bylaws, handbooks, policies and all other documents or instruments, of all conference organizations for their governance/ administration or regulations be submitted to the Conference Chancellor no later than 15, 2013 for review was carried out by our two Units.

Young People Leadership Conference: From March 20-24, 2013, we hosted the Young People Leadership Conference. The Conference brought together over 125 Youth and Young Adults from 19 Districts of our Annual Conference at the S.T. Nagbe Retreat Center in White Plains, Montserrado County. The Theme of the Conference was “Know the Church you will lead tomorrow.” The purpose of the Gathering was to bring together a representative group from each of our districts for a time of learning and sharing and to provide them with adequate understanding of the Church they are preparing to lead. It was also expected that the Young People will return to their Districts better inform of the inner-workings of the UMC globally and locally.

The Gathering was an initiative of Bishop John G. Innis and his Cabinet. Thanks to Bro. Jefferson Knight for the financial and moral support to the Gathering.

The following individuals presented on these Topics during the Gathering:

  • Understanding the History of the UMC in Liberia- Rev. George D. Wilson, Jr.
  • Understanding the Structure and Function of the UMC in the Decision-making Process – Rev. Samuel J. Quire, Jr.
  • Visionary Leadership, Partnership Network among Districts of the LAC- Rev. Dr.  Jerry P. Kulah.
  • Wesleyan Small Group Ministry for Discipleship and Church Growth- Rev. Dr.  Jerry P. Kulah.
  • Evangelism and Discipleship Ministry to Young People for Church Growth and Sustainability- Rev. James Z. Labala.
  • The Role of Young People in the LAC-UMC- Bro. L. Orland Boyce.
  • Understanding the Social Principle- S. Edward Harmon
  • Stewardship of the Life and Resources: The Role of Young People.
  • What is the Y/YAF? Who are its Officers? What are their functions? Darlington M. Cheeks
  • Breaking the Cycle of Poverty among Young People- S. Edward Harmon.
  • Understanding the UMC Book of Discipline: the Complaint and Grievance Process.

Visitation: This Conference year, we were unable to carry out our annual Visitation as planned. This was due to financial constraints. However, there were several districts we visited, alongside the two fellowships. They were: Rivercess, Grand Bassa, St. John, St. Paul, Gbarnga, Weala, Cape Palmas, Gompa, Tappita, etc. We want to use this medium to applaud the Leadership of the Conference United Methodist youth Fellowship who extended their visitation and workshop to Sinoe and Nana Kru Districts from August 28 to September 6, 2013. Many thanks to Rev. Snoh Myers, the Pastor of FUMC, Greenville City for the level of support we received during the visitation.

Travels: From May to August, we traveled to the United States of America. The purpose of our trip was to firstly attend the Summer Peace Building Institute at the Eastern Mennonite University in Virginia. Secondly, we were part of the Faith and Fundraising Summit for Christian NGOs. During the Summit, we had lot of networking opportunities and we were taught how to secure the names and addresses of wealthy people who live in our communities that could give to charity and youth work. Additionally, Bro. J. Pautee Wlemus, Conference Youth President was part of the World Council of Church 10th Assembly in Busan, South Korea as steward. The Assembly was held from October 23 to November 10, 2013.

Youth/Young Adult Assemblies: The 44th Annual Assembly and 46th Anniversary of CUMYF were held with the Gompa District Youth Fellowship at the Miller McAllister UMC, Ganta City, Nimba County from Tuesday, December 17 to Sunday, December 22, 2013. The Assembly was held under the theme: “Decide Today, with text taken from Joshua 24:14-16.

During the Conference, Elections for a new leadership were carried out at which time the process was disrupted by the eight (8) young persons from the Monrovia District. The Council on Young People Ministries has since dealt with the situation. They are being band from all Young People Activities for three years. This year’s Assembly had more districts in attendance. This was due to the contribution from former leaders of our Fellowship. Many thanks to S. Barbay Gaye, Bro. H. Sonoway Dolopei, Jr., Bro. L. Blobah Caesar, Bro Adolphus Dupley, Bro. T. Teah Swen, Dr. Arthimus Gaye, and Bro. Jonathan L. Kaipay

For the Young Adults, they had a wonderful Annual Assembly with the Tappita District Young Adult Fellowship at the First united Methodist church. The Assembly which was held from January 14-19, 2014 on the theme: “At The Table of Reconciliation”, from Genesis 33:1-10. It was joyous and rewarding. At the close of the Conference, the following Officers were elected:

  • Bro. Frederick S. Sayeh                         President
  • Bro. Abraham Johnson                         1st Vice President
  • Bro. David Quire                                  2nd Vice President
  • Sis. Christen Kwie                                2nd Vice President
  • Bro. Emmanuel Dwala                          Secretary
  • Bro. Quincy L. Smith                           Assistant Financial Secretary
  • Sis. Ridna Tobii                                                Treasurer

Thanks to Rev. Thompson Myers, the District Superintendent for his support.

The following are additional programs and activities held by the two units during the Conference Year.

Programs/Activities:                            Venue:                                     Date:

  1. Planning Retreat                       Kakata/Farmington                   April 5-6, 2013
  2. Recommitment Service             Monrovia Dist.                         April 14, 2013
  3. Excos/Inside the UMC              Gompa/Kokoyah                       April 19-21, 2013
  4. Thanksgiving & Honoring         Monrovia                                  May 26, 2013
  5. Evangelism & Train/W/shop     Tappita                                     May 16, 2013
  6. Coronation                               Rivercess                                  June 13-15, 2013
  7. Eric D. Johnson

Annual Recreation                   St. John River                           Aug. 23-25, 2013

  1. Annual Young Women

Gathering                                 Gbarnga                                   Sept. 13-15, 2013

Conference United Methodist Youth:

  1. Planning Retreat                       Monrovia                                  March 16, 2013
  2. Recommitment Service             St. Paul                                                March 17, 2013
  3. Leadership Devep.

Training Workshop                   St. Paul                                                May 14, 2013

  1. Mth. Dixine N. Cox

Annual Recreation                    St. Paul                                                May 14, 2013

  1. Scholarship Fund Drive             Monrovia                                  July 14, 2013
  2. Excos                                       Kakata/Farm.

Gbarnga Districts                      July 5-7 &

Oct. 18-20, 2013

Ecumenical Relationship: Our relationship with the National Student Christian council (NSCC), the Liberia council of churches Youth Desk (LCCYD), WACC and other Mainline Churches Young People Groups remain strong. In fact, we have being asked to play host to the NSCC Youth Assembly in February, 2014.

Necrology: We acknowledge that there are many young people in our twenty-one districts who may have lost their lives or the lives of relatives, yet we want to inform you that during the period under review, specifically April 13, 2013, we lost the Second Vice President of the Conference Youth, Sis. Margret Giahyue. Sis. Giahyue’s Memorial Service was held on June 15, 2013 in Gbarnga. May her soul and the souls of all deceased young people of the LAC rest in peace.

Funding: During this Conference year, our source of funding included an allotment from the Liberia Annual Conference, 70% from the Local Churches, grant from GBC for the Young People Leadership Conference and subsidy from the Monrovia District Conference.

Our total Income was $11,200.00, while our Expenses amounted to $11,180.00, with balance of $20.00. Our line of expenses included Volunteers stipend, programs, communication, printing, visitation, transportation and allotment to the Youth/young Adults Fellowships.

Commendation/Conclusion: We are pleased to extend our gratitude to all United Methodist, district Superintendents and other leaders of our Church who contributed to our ministry for the Conference year.

Have a wonderful 2014 Conference year.

Respectfully submitted, S. Edward Harmon, Director- Y/YAF Department

Approved: Rev. J. Joel Gould, Chairman, Council on Young People Ministries