LAC 2014 Department of Christian Education

We bring you greetings of joy and peace in the name of Jesus Christ, Our Lord. Praise be to God Almighty for his sustaining grace and mercy.

During the period under review, we conducted three Bible Teachers workshop and a writer’s training workshop and several meetings.

We conducted three Bible teacher’s workshop and one writer’s training. The first workshop was conducted on March 11, 2013, on the campus of the John Lewis Morris Memorial UMS with 24 Bible Teachers from twelve schools of the St. Paul River, Kakata/Farmington River and Monrovia District. Rev. Momo S. Kpaan, from the Gbarnga School of Theology served as the chief facilitator in that workshop, assisted by Bro. E. Julu Swen, Bro. S. Edward Harmon, Rev. Nyenorsee  H. Hinneh, and Rev. Joseph T. Garkpee.  Sis. Helen Evan-Roberts, Directress, Department of General Education and Ministry and Rev. Solomon Gueh, Director of Board of Pension attended and participated in the workshop.

The third workshop was held in Ganta City from September 13-14, 2013 at the Ganta United Methodist Mission High School Campus, with 28 Bible Teachers from that region and including schools that were not part of the first and second workshop held in Monrovia and Buchanan. During the training session Rev. Nyenorsee H. Hinneh and Bro. S. Edward Harmon served as facilitators. Of course, the Secretary of the Department Sis. Karwolokai Y. Gbongolo organized the workshop and took care of the feedings. The purpose of these workshops was to help the Bible Teachers in our schools to know how to use the Bible textbooks effectively.

We conducted an in-house writer’s training with the publishing team from October 4-5, 2013 at the ELWA camp site with 22 persons participating. We were privileged to have three persons facilitating the training. Bro. E. Julu Swen led the first day training session and Mr. Abel Leawellie, a professor from The United Methodist University along with Rev. Dr. Solomon Gueh, Director of Board Of Pension serving as lecturers for the second day.

Under our publishing project, we have written three articles. The titles of the articles are:

  1. Christian Education of Children’s Church
  2. Biblical Stewardship of Giving
  3. Experiencing God Through Worship

These articles are out and ready for sale. We are asking members of the conference to please get at least a copy of each of these articles because they are very important for the education of the members of the local churches.

In October 2013, we were blessed with the presence of Dr. Stephen D. Bryant, Robin Pippin and another person from the General Board of Discipleship /DRI after their visit to G.S.T.

On October 17, 2013 the leaders of the publishing Team met with Robin Pippin and members of her team from DRI at the United Methodist Church’s Guest House to give them some updates of the activities of the publishing team. DRI is the prime supporter of the publishing team.

We like to inform this conference that GBOD through DRI does not support the publishing Team unless the team has articles for printing. We also want the conference to know that the guidelines for publishing articles to be sponsored by the team are: the articles should be the ones that will be used across the conference and the Christian Community and fifty percent (50%) of the proceeds goes to the publishing team.

We attended and participated in all of the meetings and activities of the Connectional Table, except the one which took place in Gbarnga, due to my ill-health at the time.


We recommend that the publishing Team be officially launched and the leader and member of the team be recognized at this conference.


We like to extend thanks and appreciation to Bishop Innis for affording us the opportunity to make our contribution to the ministry of Jesus Christ. We like to say thanks to the Director of Connectional Ministries and all of our colleagues at the Conference Center and most especially to the following persons Bro. Zehyue Wuduorgar, Bro. S. Edward Harmon, Rev. Solomon Gueh, Rev. Nyenorsee H. Hinneh, Bro. E. Julu Swen, The Publishing Team Leader and to my hear working Secretary Sis. Karwolokai Y. Gbongolo. We like to say a big thank you to GBOD/DRI for supporting us to do God’s work.

Respectfully Submitted:
Rev. Joseph T. Garkpee
Director, CED
Coordinator, Publishing Team, LAC/UMC