LAC 2014 Conference United Methodist Women

The Conference United Methodist Women started the 2013 Calendar Year with commitment and dedication to move the Organization forward. President Ellen J. Natt officially committed herself to improving the standard of women, youth and children in the Liberia Annual Conference and throughout the Country by working to generate funds, soliciting gifts, contributions, donations and assistance from partners and the United Methodist Women for the development and improvement of our Conference.

ACTIVITIES: All of our planned Quarterly Meetings were held with District Presidents, Reporting Officers, Advisors and other Committees represented.  District Presidents highlighted on achievements and problems confronting their organizations and working along with Local Presidents and Members to solve some of these problems.

WORKSHOP/SEMINAR: The Directress of Women’s Work and the Treasurer, Sisters Alfreda E. Anderson and Famatta M. Ashong attended and participated in a Conference of the World Federation of Uniting Church Women Gathering in Gambia from May 13- 20, 2013. Countries represented were: Gambia, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Nigeria, Senegal and Sierra Leone. A report on HIV/AIDS from the Conference United Methodist Women of Liberia was presented by your humble servant which was highly commended. Also present at the Conference were three World Leaders. The President of the World Federation is from Austria. The Gathering was very successful, informative with well experienced and acknowledgeable lecturers/facilitators. The year 2013 was Election Year for the Federation.  As Officers rotate from countries, it was Liberia time to be elected as Treasurer; therefore, Liberia was elected as Treasurer for 4 years commencing 2016 in Austria.

DAY CARE CENTER: The 16th Thanksgiving and Closing Exercises of the Conference United Methodist Women Day Care Center was held at the J.J. Roberts United Methodist School on Friday, June 28, 2013 at 11:00 A.M. The Guest Speaker was one of the former Graduate/Val of the Day Care Center which is a graduate of the J.J. Roberts United Methodist School, Bro. Mike Doyen.  Twelve (12) Students graduated.

TRAINING CENTER: The Conference United Methodist Women would like to inform the Liberia Annual Conference that a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the Conference United Methodist Women Organization (CUMWO) of the Liberia Annual Conference (LAC) and the Community Rescue Center – Liberia (CRC-Liberia) in partnership/collaboration to run the CUMW Training Center for a period of four (4) years. The Agreement will be reviewed every four (4) years. The Training Center will soon be in operation with students, women and girls in various disciplines.

 PROPERTY: The Guest House we reported on last year under construction by Missionary Princess Jusu is progressing.  Another construction has been added to our Compound a Cell Com Tower. The Radio Station will be provided light when the Cell Com Tower is in operation.

SCHOLARSHIP: The Conference United Methodist Women have the following Scholarships:

The Conference United Methodist Women Scholarship with a Lease Agreement signed with the United Methodist University, UMU; where (10) students are awarded scholarship yearly; and  The “Mothers Helping Children,” Scholarship sponsored by the Women’s Division. Scholarship Students are from Junior to College Level.  Who are attended the UMU and other Institutions.

The Scholarship Committee and your humble servant are working and will make recommendations to Districts concerning the guidelines of the Scholarships and those involved will be informed accordingly.

We experienced a great set back in 2013 for funding.  As the Women’s Division communicated that funds for 3 projects were misdirected and were also dealing with other countries that were much needed.  However, they look forward in sponsoring projects in 2014.

In connection with the Women’s Division, the Conference Women received Sis. Donna Akuamoah Executive Secretary for International Relations in September of last year. Sis Akuamoah 2-days visit were to interact with the Directress on projects that are most needed; to assist the CUMW in seeking funding from the Women’s Division to empower the Directress in her work; she visited two of the CUMW projects: the Day Care Center and the Mothers Helping Children at the United Methodist University.  The Women Response Magazine will carry in its March edition the Directress of Women’s Work and the projects visited.


  1. Re-roofing of the Gibson building;
  2. Project for the Less Fortunate Children in Liberia;
  3. Two Apartments Guests House under construction;
  4. Day Care Center to be constructed; and
  5. The Women Training Center and the Community Rescue Center in partnership/collaboration with the CWMWO.

CONCLUSION: We want to thank our Bishop, Rev. Dr. John G. Innis, the Conference President, Sister Ellen J. Natt, Vice President, Sister Sarah Q. Nah, Sisters Famatta M. Ashong, Sister Marie S. Massaquoi, Staff of the Day Care Center; our Advisors, Officers and Members for the opportunity afforded me to serve in this capacity. We also want to thank our partners, the Women’s Division.   It is our fervent prayer that we will continue to work together in the interest of United Methodist Women, the Liberia Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church.

Remain blessed!

Alfreda E. Anderson, Directess, Women’s Work, CUMW/LAC/UMC