LAC 2014 Board Of Pension And Health Benefits


I bring you profound greetings from the Chairperson, members, staff and your humble servant of the Board of Pension and Health Benefits. This report from the Board covers the activities of the 2013 Conference Year.

Rev. Paul Dirdak arrived January 13, 2013; he visited three districts, Kakata/Farmington River, St. John River and Grand Bassa Districts.  Interviewed 21 beneficiaries from the three districts.

Held meeting with the Board Members and the following was highlighted:


  1. He informed the Board that all active pastors who are contributing to their pension will benefit in the following way:  When they retired, they will receive the usual pension provided by CCPI.  They will receive their contribution in lumpsune with all the interest accumulated; all those who are not making contribution to the pension plan will only receive CCPI benefit when they retired.
  2. He also informed the Board that the United Methodist Church is now providing pension benefits program for all its Annual Conferences.  They just completed the Congo Annual Conference who has 9,000 beneficiaries which is the highest in the Methodist Church.
  3. He said that the Active Pastors are not contributing to their pension program, 94% of the pastors’ are not making contribution to their pension, only 6% is making contribution which is very low. So he encouraged the Board to do more education about the pension payment.  They should share the Pension Plan with every member in the Annual Conference. Every Pastor is to contribute 5% of his salary while the Local Church/Employer contributes 10% of the Pastor’s salary which will be 15%.  He also said that Contributors will receive their benefit when they retired. He said Dan O’Neil has opened an account for every contributing pastor with the CCPI.
  4. He said that the Liberia Pension benefit listing is growing every time, so they have squared up for the Liberia Pension US$37,000.00 quarterly as cap for the pension support. Therefore, there will be no retirement next year because, the 25 persons who were retired at the 180th session all has not been placed on the payroll for benefit; or if any retirement is done, they will not be included for benefit.


Pension Benefits Quarterly Payment: All Four quarters were paid in full to all recipients.

We have remitted to CCPI from the Liberia Active Pastors Pension collection. The amount of US$4,000. See contributors from January – December, 2013 attached.

Name of Active Pastor District Serving AP/LC contribution/LD
Rev. J. Christopher Gartei Monrovia $11,000.00
Rev. Morrison Wleh Monrovia $4,000.00
Rev. Robert N. Sieh Monrovia $19,500.00
Rev. Robertetta Nyenkan Monrovia $4,800.00
Pastor Kahartouma G. Harris Monrovia $4,000.00
Rev. Tehpamubo Sayeh Monrovia $6,750.00
Rev. Anna Tarr-Sayeh Monrovia $4,500.00
Rev. Joseph T. Garkpee Monrovia $3,040.00
Pastor Kenneth C. Jackson Monrovia $2,850.00
Rev. S. Eddie C. Langama Monrovia $5,200.00
Rev. David Smith Monrovia $3,800.00
Rev. Henry S. Deshield Monrovia $22,820.00
Rev. Decontee A. Johnson Monrovia $22,820.00
Rev. K. Richard Tonnonlah Monrovia $5,250.00
Pastor Martin Davis Monrovia $5,250.00
Rev. Alex Harmon Monrovia $11,660.00
Rev. Richard Wreh Monrovia $5,820.00
Pastor Martin Davis Monrovia $6,000.00
Pastor Alexander Kanwee Monrovia $9,885.00
Rev. Bolee D. Cheehea Monrovia $27,000.00
Rev. Robertetta Nyenkan Monrovia $21,600.00
Rev. Denmark Sunshine Monrovia $9,450.00
Rev. Jebbeh Kaizolu Monrovia $7,650.00
Rev. E. Aaron Dourh Monrovia $1,500.00
 Rev. Princess Knuckles  St. Paul River $1,650.00
 Rev. J. Joel Gould  St. Paul River $1,800.00
 Kakata/Farmington River $22,000.00
Pastor C. Winslow Fiske, Jr.  Kakata/Farmington River $2,100.00
Pastor J. Shadrack Nimely  Kakata/Farmington River $1,575.00
Rev. Pade M. Kialen  Kakata/Farmington River $1,080.00
Pastor Arthur I. Grimes  Kakata/Farmington River $950.00
Rev. Anna S. Kpaan  Kakata/Farmington River $4,500.00
Rev. Mary Okai  Kakata/Farmington River $3,085.00
Rev. Philip B. Harris  Kakata/Farmington River $2,500.00
Pst Emmanuel Bentil  Kakata/Farmington River $2,000.00
Rev. Mirian G. Aritis  Kakata/Farmington River $2,735.00
Pst. Daniel Barchue  Kakata/Farmington River $1,395.00
Pst. Bennflag Dingay  Kakata/Farmington River $5,400.00
Rev. Paul K. Gartor  Kakata/Farmington River $1,200.00
Pst. Nathaniel G. Wall  Kakata/Farmington River $1,470.00
Pst. Augustus G. Kpah  Kakata/Farmington River $2,400.00
Rev. Thomas O. James  Kakata/Farmington River $500.00
Rev. Fredrick E. Simbo Grand Bassa $1,000.00
Pastor Emmanuel N. Tweh Sinoe $2,000.00
Rev. Solomon K. Jeh Kru Coast $250.00
Rev. J. Nyanpline Nyeswa Kru Coast $225.00
Rev. Victor W. Nyanneh Kru Coast $225.00
Rev. J. Jappah Siwoh Kru Coast $200.00
Rev. Patrick N. Wreh Kru Coast $200.00
Rev. Benjamin P. Toe Kru Coast $200.00
Rev. Jonah N. Nyea Kru Coast $200.00
Rev. Sylvanus N. Putu Kru Coast $200.00
Rev. Harris Teah Kru Coast $200.00
Rev. Kumah Togba Kru Coast $200.00
Rev. J. Nicolus T. Toe Kru Coast $200.00
Rev. Raymond Joploh Kru Coast $200.00
Rev. Jackson Nyenplu Kru Coast $200.00
Rev. J. Kankon Nyanti Kru Coast $200.00
Rev. David Wesseh Kru Coast $200.00
Pastor Isaac Siekie Kru Coast $200.00
Pastor David Toe Kru Coast $200.00
Pastor Sampson Nyanneh Kru Coast $200.00
Pastor D. Wiefue Nyanneh Kru Coast $200.00
Pastor Peter Jeh Kru Coast $200.00
Pastor Jacob Togba Kru Coast $200.00
Pastor Jonah S. Koffa Kru Coast $200.00
Pastor John Doe Kru Coast $175.00
Pastor Joseph Nimely Kru Coast $175.00
Pastor Peter Wreh Kru Coast $175.00
Pastor Jacob Tarweh Kru Coast $200.00
Pastor Daniel Tugbeh Kru Coast $200.00
Pastor Alexander K. Jah Kru Coast $200.00
Pastor Matthew K. Mah Kru Coast $200.00
Pastor Sylvanus Sagbe Kru Coast $175.00
 Pastor Solomon T. Nyema  Cape Palmas $3,000.00
 Pastor J. Chedeh Thompson  Cape Palmas $2,500.00
Rev. Joel M. Jackson  Cape Palmas $1,700.00
Rev. Emmanuel Saywon Gbarnga $6,000.00
Rev. C. Francis Summerville Gbarnga $3,600.00
Rev. Johnson Yarkpawolo Jorquelleh $1,000.00
Kokoyah $10,000.00
TOTAL $321,285.00
Name of Active Pastor Name of Local Church AP/LC contribution/USD
Rev. Elrene P. Thompson Monrovia $218.00
Rev. Julius Z.K.Y. Williams Monrovia $218.00
Rev. Samuel B. Brown Monrovia $389.00
Rev. Julius J. Y. Collins Monrovia $356.80
Rev Dr. G. Solomon Gueh Director, BOP/LAC,UMC $30.00
Rev. George K. Mombo  Cape Palmas $20.00
Total $1,231.80



We continue to travel to Morweh to pay retirees and surviving spouses every quarter.
BOP Vehicle
 In 2010, August 9th, the Board of Pension bought a 1994 TOYOTA Four Runner for US$9,000.00.  We used that Jeep for two years and 6 months. When we could not maintain the Jeep any more, we sold it to the Kokoyah District Superintendent for US$1,800.00 to be paid by installment. The Board now has a 1995 Four Runner bought through Rev. Arthur W. Zogar, in Philadelphia USA.  Buying, shipping, and clearing, cost the Board of Pension US$5,515.97.  I want to thank God for good friends, like Rev. Zogar. We want to note that no external support was given except the leadership ingenuity of the Board and the cooperation of pensioners that made us to buy the car.

2012 Audit
The BOP 2012 Audit has been completed.  The Audit was done by Nimely and Associates Accounting Firm. A copy of this report has been sent to the Treasurer and Bishop’s office. I also carry copy to the CBO meeting in September, 2013.

I travelled to Johannesburg, in September, 2013 for the Conference Benefit Officers (CBO) training. The training lasted for five days. September 23 – 28, 2013.  During this workshop, we discussed about the sustainability of the pension program. About 18 CBOs and DBOs from Africa, Europe, Philippians, and the three Central Conference Pension Initiative Administrators attended and facilitated the training.  At the end we were given certificates and a Magic Recovering Globe. The Rev. Dr. Paul Dirdak, CCPI Administrator will be retired at the end of 2013 Conference Year.

Annual Visitation of CCPI Administrators to the LAC/BOP:
 In consultation with Bishop Innis, CCPI will be visiting the 181st session to be held in Gbarnga, 2014 has been confirmed. Paul Will arrived on February 5, 2014 from Ghana.  He will remain in Monrovia until the 9th of February, and travel to Gbarnga on February 10th. He will teach during the ministerial session on the 11th of February, and attend the opening session on the 12th and return to Monrovia on the 12th and depart on the 13th of February, 2014.  While in Liberia, he will check our financial records.


We received from the CCPI for Pension Benefits payment for 2013, the amount of One Hundred Forty Seven Thousand, Two Thirty United States Dollars (US$147,230.00) for all the quarters.

For Operational fund, we received Twenty Thousand United States Dollars (US$20,000.00), which include Salary and other expenses.

We also received Three Hundred United States Dollars (US$300.00) from the LAC/UMC as support to the Board of Pension.

We lost 12 retired ministers and 2 widows from the below districts.

1.      Mother Mary Julwe  – Monrovia District
2.      Mother Commuide Gogoe  – Monrovia District
3.      Rev. Dixine N. Cox  – St. Paul River District
4.      Rev. Danieletta Ballah  – St. Paul River District
5.      Pastor Borbor Gbolosso  – Kakata/Farmington River District
6.      Rev. Vormah Glaygbo King   – Kakata/Farmington River District
7.      Rev. Dee Wredyu  – Morweh District
8.      Rev. Humphrey Kumeh  – Sinoe District
9.      Pastor Jonathan Jlotheh  – Sinoe District
10.  Rev. Elijah Kumeh  – Cape Palmas District
11.  Pastor Peter Brooks – Cape Palmas District
12.  Rev. Amos Gartei  – Gbarnga District
13.  Rev. Lakay Innis  – Kokoyah District
14.  Rev. Konwee Myers  – St. John River District


May their souls rest in perfect peace and light perpetual shine on them.

The Director attended most of these funeral services and presented purse to the family on behalf of the Pension Board.

Before, I end this report let me thank God for the opportunity to serve God’s people, Connectional Ministries Director, the Bishop and my office staff for allowing us to serve the Liberia Annual Conference.

Respectfully submitted,
Rev. Dr. G. Solomon Gueh, Director, Board of Pension & Health Benefits, Liberia Annual Conference, United Methodist Church

Attested: Rev. Samuel B. Browne, Chairperson, Board of Pension & Health Benefits, Liberia Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church