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“You are sent out to confront evil,” Bishop Alsted challenges newly ordained Pastors

Ministers ordained at the 179th Annual Session of the Liberia Annual Conference, United Methodist Church have been called upon to go out in the world and confront the evils of the present age. The call was made by Rev. Dr. Christian Alsted when he preached the ordination message to hundreds of United Methodists meeting in Gbarnga City, Bong County. He said, “the Church needs to confront the evil of poverty by providing schools where there are no schools.” “Build hospitals, clinics, health posts, dig wells in communities, and make available those things that enhanced the life of the people,” Bishop Alsted added.

The Nordic Clergyman told the newly ordained clergy to go into the world depending on the power of Jesus Christ. Bishop Alsted warned that the problems of the world are not going away because they are responding to the call to ministry. Speaking from the text Luke 9:1-6, Bishop Alsted told the incoming Methodist Preachers to face the evil of the world with compassion, love, and unity. He also warned that the road of the ministry is not straight, neither is it smooth. There will be pot holes and check points that will slow you down. “When that happens, I want you to depend on Jesus Christ who has power and authority to protect you and keep you going in this ministry to which you are called, Bishop Alsted concluded.

As part of the service, the Rev. Dr. John G. Innis commissioned several persons to various ministries in the United Methodist Church. About 19 women were commissioned as Deaconesses, 13 persons were commissioned in the Deacon Order, while 9 other persons were commissioned as “Elders In Full Connection.” Additionally one person was commissioned as Permanent Deacon and one member of the UMC Clergy was voted into the “Elders in Full Connection” order.

Meanwhile, twenty-eight ministers were retired from active preaching service. The retirees were admonished by Rev. Dr. John G. Innis to remain serviceable to the Church where ever they find themselves even in retirement.

The Ordination Service was conducted under the supervision of the Board of Ordained Ministry on Saturday, February 11, 2012.

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