Bishop Quire calls on LAC to Grow Spiritually

The new bishop of the Liberia Annual Conference opened his first Annual Conference today in Ganta City, Nimba County, Liberia. He is calling on United Methodists of Liberia to return to their roots as Wesleyans and seek to grow in their spiritual life.

The Rev. Dr. Samuel J. Quire, Jr., Resident Bishop of the Liberia Episcopal Area on Wednesday, February 15, 2017, challenged pastors of the United Methodist Church in Liberia to start “Wesley Small Group” meetings in their local churches and communities. “I will initiate a ministry of spiritual counseling for the pastors and their families,” Bishop Quire said.”

Delivering his Episcopal Address to the 184th Annual Session of the Liberia Annual Conference in Ganta City, Nimba County, Bishop Quire indicated that he will encourage pastors to meet in small groups to pray, study the Word, and strengthen one another.  “When pastors are spiritually strong, they will become efficient evangelists,” he emphasized. The Resident Bishop also indicated that he is going to mandate the Department of Missions and Evangelism to produce satisfactory conversion based discipleship making throughout the fifteen (15) counties of Liberia.

He told fellow United Methodist attending the conference that Wesleyan renewals need to take over the districts and the churches in Liberia.  He further said a church without spiritual renewal of the soul is a dead church, adding, “Our members’ spiritual growth and consciousness must be enhanced throughout the Conference.” Bishop Quire cautioned that the nature of his episcopal leadership will be pastoral.

Commenting on the corporate status of the church, Bishop Quire reiterated earlier called for the properties of the church to be located, cataloged, and appropriately documented legally. “We will review existing properties contracts signed for and on behalf of the church to ensure legal compliance,” he asserted.

The clergyman said the United Methodist Church in Liberia cannot overlook the need for financial sustainability, adding, “we may need to call upon our international partners for advice concerning economic development initiatives within our conference.” Bishop Quire named agriculture as the key factor that will facilitate sustainability in the church.

E. Julu Swen reporting.

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