Bishop Innis addresses the Liberia Summit

Bishop Innis addresses the Liberia Summit gathering at Main Street UMC in Alton Illinois on November 21, 2013. Bishop Innis opened his remarks with the customary phrase, “God is good.” The gathering responded, “All the time.” This began the bishop’s remarks  reminding the gathering that we are examples of the goodness of God.

Main Street United Methodist Church hosts the Summit for the second time.

Bishop Innis thanked the congregation and church for their hospitality and openness to share their church with attendees from around the UM connection. This church is blessed by the spirit of generosity and helpfulness. Thank you.

Bishop Innis speaks on Philippians 2:1-5

As Christians we are called to follow the example of Christ. The people called United Methodist  are known for their love and being imitators of Christ.

“Do good in Christ’s name. There is no excuse or any reason for not sharing in his name.” Bishop Innis speaks a thank you to those gathered for their expression of love and support for the nation of Liberia and the Church of Liberia. “You are the embodiment of ‘Doing good in Jesus’ name'” Bishop Innis told the group. You have shared and shown that love by spending time in Liberia and for support of missions and ministries of the LAC.

“I was thirsty and you gave me drink.”  People in Liberia can now drink fresh clean water because the people and those represented by the attendees have provided resources for community wells.

“You love the people of Liberia, the churches of Liberia and the communities of Liberia,” Bishop Innis stated to the gathering as he began a listing of the projects and ministries supported by the UMC.

Bishop Keaton welcomes the Liberia Summit

“The church in mission is a sign of God’s presence in the world,” Bishop Keaton quoted from The Book of Discipline in his welcome remarks. “You gathered here are that sign. Thank you.”

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