Annual Conference 2013 Receives Gifts from Michigan

The Detroit Annual Conference through their delegates attending the 180th Annual Session, LAC/UMC presented gifts value at over US$60,000 including cash of US$8,700.00 for several ministries and agencies. Making the presentation on Friday, February 8, 2013, the head of delegation, Rev. Dr. Jerome DeVine, said the gifts were from the Saginaw Bay District to the people of the United Methodist Church in Liberia. He named the School of the Deaf and Tuskegee UMC in Harper City, Maryland County among others that must benefit from the gifts from their brothers and sisters in the United States of America. He emphasized that significant portion of the gifts came from the Detroit Annual Conference in general.
Earlier on Thursday, February 7, 2013, Rev. William Tom Robinson announced to members attending the 180th Annual Session that the Detroit Annual Conference bought a truck for the LAC/UMC. Though the cash value of the truck was not announced, information shared with Department of Communications by some members of the Detroit Annual Conference Team put the cost of the truck at US$52,000.
In a related development, the Rev. Dr. Charles S. G. Boayou, Jr., Pastor of the Second Grace UMC in Detroit, Michigan and member of the Detroit Annual Conference delegation presented a gift of US$1,400. Dr Boayue indicated that the gifts were intended for the following: the Ministry of the Aging $200, Baala UMC $200, Butuo UMC $200, Bunadin UMC $600, and the UM School at the Judith Craig $200.
Dr. Boayue also announced the arrival of a 40-foot container with 25,000 textbooks for the United Methodist Schools in Ganta and Tappita Districts. He further said the books were from the Alumni Association of the Ganta UMS based in the United States of America.  “The association will work with the authorities of the GUMS in deciding the salary for Bookstore Manager which the association will fund” he added.
Dr. Boayou and his wife, Elizabeth Boayue contributed 20 scholarships to the C.W. Duncan United Methodist School in Clara Town in honor of his wife’s father, the late Solomon Duncan.
The total cash value of the gifts received from the Detroit Annual Conference is over US$60,000.

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