Annual Conference 2013 Laity Session

Use your Talents for the Good of the Church
United Methodists in Liberia Urged

The 180th Annual Session of the Liberia Annual Conference, United Methodist Church got underway on Tuesday, February 5, 2013 in Greenville City, Sinoe County with the Clergy and Laity Sessions concomitantly. In each of the sessions presentations were made teaching members of the conference on Stewardship, The United Methodist Church Social Principles, and the workings of the Board of Pension and the Liberia United Methodist Empowerment Foundation (LUMEF).

The Keynote Speaker of the Laity Session, Rev. William Tom Robinson, former District Superintendent of the Saginaw Bay District UMC in the USA, called on the Laity to use their time wisely. He said the story of the talents as recorded in the Holy Bible is basically intended to teach people how to use their time for the service of the church. Rev. Robinson said, “Allowing your service to help people find Jesus Christ in a new way is significant in the usage of our talents in the United Methodist Church”.

The USA based Clergyman whose keynote statement was filled with stories of how people used their time wisely, encouraged United Methodists throughout Liberia, especially those attending the 180th Annual Session of the LAC/UMC to fine tune their talents and use them for the good of the Church.

In a related development, the Rev. Dr. Charles S. G. Boayue, Jr. Pastor of the Second Grace United Methodist Church in Detroit, USA also called on the Laity of the United Methodist Church in Liberia to be faithful stewards in doing God’s work. “Stewardship is how faithful you are and knowing who that faith is rooted in”, he asserted. Rev. Boayue who is also a Liberian, said the entire creation is waiting for the joy and happiness that our stewardship will bring to the entire world.


Rev. Boayue of Detroit Michigan answers questions during Laity Session 2013

Responding to questions on the role of the church towards its faithful stewards, Rev. Boayue said, it is the responsibility of the church and its entire membership to care for each other. “Do not allow the unwillingness of the church or any individual steer away from the love of God” Rev. Boayue affirmed.

Unlike in previous conferences, this year’s Laity Session was filled teaching on se

veral topics such as Stewardship and the United Methodist Church Social Principles.
Meanwhile news about the Official Opening Service will be posted later today.

Mother Irene Innis at the Laity Session 2013

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